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Which NIL sponsorships should SOTU bloggers be up for?

Forget D’Eriq King’s 500 endorsements... what about the SOTU staff?!

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The Rock In WWF Smackdown Photo By Getty Images

With the college athletics world, and especially football, all a flutter about the NIL (the thing that allows student-athletes to get paid for sponsorships and the such) I figured why not dabble in blogger sponsorships here at SOTU. We’ve got our own piece on the site about NIL’s for ‘Canes players, but what about for Cam and the rest of the lovable staff here on your favorite Hurricanes blogosphere?


For Cam’s, uh, well projected vocals, I think he would be well served by a Ricola sponsorship. Keep those pipes nice and smooth for hitting his fortissimo (I figured I’d Google a music term for him) levels on Mark Rogers TV. Maliiiik Rosiiiier. We don’t want our fearless leader getting a sore throat once the season rolls around.


Forget Crocs, I can see Marsh sponsoring a fine pair of Jorts right off the rack at Old Navy. Jean shorts are ‘back’ according to the Wall Street Journal, and Marsh is SOTU’s fashion expert. Jorts will look great with his boot and hoodie collection.


Roman definitely could use a Spotify sub and sponsorship so we can update his music selection from that 2002 nu metal phase into a solid 2012 nu metal phase (note: I picked the first Lamb of God song on YouTube since I have no idea what their songs are, but the Teenage Bounty Hunter show played them in the car once, anyway...).

John Michaels

John, we have to get you in a pair of Chubbies. A nice 6” inseam on your next pair of swim trunks as sponsored by the leaders in quad-revealing swimwear! Show them quads off, brother!

Craig T. Smith

Since he’s the elder statesman of the group, as evidenced by his Jon Bon reference below, what do old people like?

I’m going with Shoney’s for a C.T. Smith NIL sponsorship. Older fellas love it- they go there to talk about the local high school coach while smashing a burger or the breakfast buffet. Yeah, that’s the one!

Of course.... Me.

I can’t take obvious and lazy jabs at everyone else without opening the door up for everyone here to crap on me, too. I’m too old to have long hair, I’m seriously at a speaking engagement (below) wearing slippers, and I’m a weirdo...

Thus, let’s try a poll for you guys to pick what NIL sponsorship I would land. VOTE NOW!


What sponsorship should I get for my NIL?

This poll is closed

  • 25%
    Vidal Sassoon
    (8 votes)
  • 18%
    Great Clips
    (6 votes)
  • 34%
    Payless Shoes
    (11 votes)
  • 6%
    (2 votes)
  • 15%
    Other (write in below)
    (5 votes)
32 votes total Vote Now