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Student of the Game “I’d Steal That”: The Scissors switch.

The Green Bay Packers had a nice wrinkle to a tried and true route concept. Maybe the Miami Hurricanes could steal it.

Syndication: Journal Sentinel William Glasheen USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin via Imagn Content Services, LLC

In the Summer of Steal I have come to appreciate the creativity that offensive coordinators across the country possess. Sometimes it is the grandiose shock play and sometimes it’s exactly what the Green Bay Packers employed down in the red zone. It was subtle simplicity.

A scissors concept isn’t anything new to football. An outside receiver will run a post and the inside receiver will run a corner (or adjust to an out based on leverage). Here you will see an example of the Green Bay Packers getting victimized while utilizing cover-4.

It takes sometimes looking at the regular untouchable concepts and thinking outside the box that could lead to tangible results. In this case when Aaron Rodgers and the Packers were inside the red zone, a subtle change between the running back and the tight end led to scissor me timbers pay dirt.

The quarterback has to have a different perspective of “open” the higher level he goes. A defender’s back turned to you should qualify as such. That applies to both the college and NFL level. NFL QB Rodgers was a magician at keeping the single high safety at bay and finally ferociously flicked and fired for six.

Watch the latest Student of the Game video and see how the subtle switch to the scissor concept led to an ideal matchup on the middle linebacker. Miami definitely has a stable of pass catching running backs at their disposal and could benefit getting their backs on the backers.

So popcorn and pencil time. We are getting close to season time boys and girls. If this is summer school we have been cheating our entire way through it. But in this arena, they don’t call it a copycat league for ill reason. We never miss an opportunity to yell and scream from the roof tops. BANG!!!!!!! #gocanes #summerofsteal