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SOTG: Jacurri Brown Elite 11 reaction Video.

Miami Hurricane’s 2022 quarterback commit Jaccuri Brown’s accuracy was not optimal during a video that made its rounds on social media. Cause for concern or pump the brakes?

Canes QB commit Jacurri Brown showed his stuff at the Elite 11.

Yes. If you paid attention to a video on social media you saw 2022 Miami Hurricane commit Jacurri Brown struggle a bit with his pro day workout at the recent Elite 11 QB camp. Balls were sailing and a couple of them hit the dirt which were forever swallowed up by the hungry turf monster.

Relax. You have no idea how hard these events are on quarterbacks. There is a myriad of factors that play into this. First off, you simply do not have the timing with these wide receivers and this matters. Big time.

So much of accuracy is contingent on the ground up and being repeatable. My footwork needs to be pristine and in relationship to the wide receiver’s routes. If he breaks too early and I rush the throw, good chance it will be completely off the mark.

Secondly, there are some drills that are probably going to be new for the young man. And to me there has always been a big difference between being new at something and being unilaterally bad at something. I will chalk up this experience as the first for Brown.

Now are there things mechanically that need to shore up? Absolutely 100%. On this episode of Student of the Game we focus on the importance of sequence and being repeatable at foot strike.

When a quarterback plants his front foot on the ground what does he look like? Where is his arm slot? Is it the same on similar type throws? The biggest issue I saw was there. At foot strike the arm slot was variable and that led to variable results.

If I had advice for the young man it would be this, when you first draw your arm back watch NFL guys. Be consistent with separating your hands from the midline of your body and pretend there is water at your waste. Don’t let the ball get wet.

Make no mistakes here as reader. When Brown’s foot strike, sequence and his arm are in an advantageous spot, the ball flies off his arm with ruthless efficiency.

I am a big fan of the recruit and I wish him all best of luck in the world. He has a lot of intangibles and can be a dynamic player. But to unilaterally sell on his recent performance based on all the surrounding circumstance would be foolish.