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S Avantae Williams Dismissed from Miami Football Program following Domestic Battery arrest

A bad situation has reached its conclusion in regards to Miami Athletics

Tim Brogdon, Miami Athletics


On Thursday afternoon, Williams was dismissed from the Miami Hurricanes Football program. The statement from Miami Athletics is a single line to that effect, so I will not be posting it here, as it would be redundant.

I believe this was the necessary and correct move. Williams is fully able to get whatever counseling he needs and endeavor to earn a 2nd chance to play college football. However that chance, if wanted, will happen elsewhere.


Rumors of a negative situation for a Miami player started circulating on social media yesterday.

Following the chatter, reports broke late on Wednesday night that Miami Hurricanes freshman S Avantae Williams had been arrested for a domestic violence situation.

Slater reached out to Miami Athletics for comment, which can be seen below:

Manny Navarro of The Athletic also reported this arrest, and leveraged the booking information (public information) from Miami-Dade Police.

Navarro went on to later detail the information in the arrest record. The tweets are threaded below for you to read for yourselves:

Obviously, this is an ongoing situation. However, if what is noted in the arrest report is found out to be true, the only decision to be made would be to dismiss Williams from the team.

We will continue to follow this story and have updates as it develops.