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X’s and Ro Roman Rants: Social Media Reaction Video.

I typed in Miami Hurricanes in the search bar and just rattled off some commentary. The Miami Hurricanes are 16th in the country and on a collision course with the returning champions. The Alabama Crimson Tide.

NCAA Football: ACC Kickoff Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

Some interesting topics this week as we continue to inch closer to the start of the season. In the first quarter of the video we see how the defensive tackle position is shaping up and acknowledge how the possible rotation could manifest.

Jonathan Ford, Nesta Silvera, Jared Harrison-Hunte, a recently transformed Jordan Miller and new heralded arrival Leonard Taylor are the anchors. Jess Simpson is the captain. Can his coaching ability navigate the best direction for this group especially when he lost impressive talent at the defensive end position vs. a year go?

Quarterbacks. Miami is going to need them moving forward. When you think of the previous ACC national championship winners, they all had one thing in common. All of them had first round studs at the quarterback position. Jameis Winston, Deshaun Watson and Trevor Lawrence.

The Miami Hurricanes will be no different and need to continue the trend of great quarterback play in order to reach the next stratosphere. The good news here is that the Hurricanes have D’Eriq King, who just inked a very prominent NIL deal with the Florida Panthers, and two young guns ready to be QB1.

I go behind the curtain on why I picked the Miami Hurricanes to finish 8-4 this season. A bowl win on top of that record makes it a respectable 9-4 but I believe that there is a lot of opposition to that prediction.

Commentary season. X’s and Ro just decided to press play. Unscripted, unrehearsed, unrelenting but all about the U. The season is upon us and it is time to go to work. #gocanes