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Next Level 2022 QB Commit Jacurri Brown Reaction Video

Down 14 points late, Miami Hurricanes 2022 commit Jaccuri Brown led his team to an improbable comeback. The video went viral. Although his team would fall short in overtime, it didn’t stop us from standing tall in the pocket to deliver the goods.

NCAA Football: Cheez-It Bowl-Oklahoma State vs Miami Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports

Being down late in a football game against a good opponent can be a dauting task. 2022 Miami Hurricane quarterback commit Jacurri Brown didn’t seem too phased by the backdrop. Instead Brown led his team to two late scores which would get his team within striking distance.

The flash was there. You could see it brighter than an A-listers paparazzi following. The foot juice was also on display as Brown was able to elude defenders and extend plays. The arm talent then took center stage as a 50 plus yard bomb connected while rolling opposite hand and falling away.

Brown no doubt has a high vaulted ceiling. The offensive coordinator and the offensive line were not routinely doing him any favors on the night yet positive plays mounted. Wide receiver to quarterback drop relationships are real. The higher you go the more surgical and synchronous it becomes.

When a quarterback takes his final step in his drops, where are the wide receivers in relationship to their route? Are they close to being done? Are they looking for the ball? Is one side of the ball matched up with the other side of the ball? We explain this in greater detail in today’s video installment.

One clip showed Brown’s ability to throw from an alt platform and this is so critical in today’s modern offense world. Defenders often get in the way and the natural position I find myself in when trying to carry out my RPO mandates a response.

So seeing a snap strike throw with a defender ominously in the foreground was impressive and equally incredibly necessary. The times where my initial reaction went to “footwork improvement needed” was softened greatly by the fact of the external circumstance.

Sure I want my quarterback to fire straight out on his gun three. But when step three just happens to naturally find a pocket away from a ravenous defender, I can’t erase the instinct. Sure I want my quarterback to hang in the pocket and find an open guy but when his receivers aren’t looking for the ball, self preservation becomes paramount.

I hope you enjoy this next video edition of The Next Level. The video series that simply asks high school gunslingers, “are you ready for the next level?” Brown’s upside is more than ready. Popcorn and pencil time. Are you ready though? #BANG #Gocanes #justclickplay