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Just what you’ve been waiting for: Homefield takes their talents to Miami!

Behold the greatness!!!

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Homefield Apparel


The 10th installment of Homefield’s Big New Saturday features the one, the only, The U!

An iconic program with legendary plays, iconic plays, championship pedigree, and some of the most passionate fans around, The U is a brand unlike any other. And, today, Homefield is reaching into the vintage past of this program to debut its Miami collection, which is available for purchase now!

Homefield’s Big New Saturday is a 16 week program where the brand unveils a new collection every week. Previous weeks were Notre Dame, LSU, Texas, Texas A&M, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Florida.

But we don’t care about them (respectfully, Homefield). Around THESE parts, it’s All About The U!!!!

And what a collection it is for The U. The Miami collection has 14 pieces of apparel in the collection including t-shirts hoodies, crewnecks, all printed on extremely soft and comfortable shirts. I, Cam, have already received a shirt (perks of partnering on this rollout!!!) and let me tell you, it’s INCREDIBLE. So incredible that I’m gonna buy more, even after having received a free one. True story. It’s THAT good, you guys.

These aren’t the normal designs that you’ll find from other brands. Homefield is known for focusing on vintage designs from each school’s past, and bringing those vintage designs into the new millennium. They did that with Miami, so the vintage Sebastian is there (sans pipe tho), and other great designs as well. Plenty to love, and plenty for younger fans to get introduced to (looking at you, Marsh)!!

Click the link here to shop the Homefield Miami collection on this Big New Saturday. AND, as an added bonus for you, use code STATEOFTHEU at checkout for 15% off your first order!

Happy Homefield Miami Big New Saturday, U guys!!!!