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X’s and Ro Video Mailbag Series: Bama Game Week

We dive deep into some scheme questions this week and end off with an editorial that I felt in my bones. The Miami Hurricanes play the defending national championship Alabama Crimson Tide this Saturday.

January 1, 1988: NCAA Orange Bowl Game - Oklahoma Sooner v Miami Hurricanes Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images

For the Miami Hurricanes to have any chance in this game, the offensive line needs to provide enough time for D’Eriq King to make plays. For the Miami Hurricanes to have any chance in this game, King will need to be able to make plays when the offensive line can’t provide him enough time.

That is either a nonsensical paradox or a simple admission that the Alabama Crimson Tide is very good. The Miami Hurricanes have a monumental task ahead of them this Saturday. The offensive line is obviously a key cog and focal point of Miami’s potential success.

Miami will have a game plan. The coaches need to anticipate that game plan will be dissected and potentially disregarded midway through the first quarter. The Crimson Tide are masters at negating you. It is in their DNA.

The offensive line will have every single protection call rehearsed and memorized but when the game starts, anticipate havoc. King needs to be a specialist in havoc control. The quarterback needs to become as comfortable as possible in an uncomfortable environment.

The University of Florida (Boo) had some success vs. the Crimson Tide’s defense. We look at some plays this week and see if Rhett Lashlee and the Hurricane offense can replicate that. What formations or personnel groupings can provide Miami an advantage?

It is game week. Time to crank up the machine and get the lab in pristine shape. Grab your popcorn and your pencils and just push play. Also, the editorial at the end might have you run through a wall. #boom #gocanes