Where is the fire?

Before I get started, as it is 9/11 weekend thank you to our military and veterans, our police forces, our firemen, paramedics and all first responders. America is great and I wouldn't want to live any place else.

Now back the Canes.

Where is the fire? The thing that I've noticed this season is a lack of fire. Regardless of whether or not there is good preparation or play-calling, it just seems like the players aren't into the game. I haven't seen a single player get into a teammates face. I haven't seen sideline excitement. I haven't seen excitement on the field.

I have seen some self-adoration with the Turnover Chain and the Rings. But this is a team sport. I liked the turnover chain when it first came out but I'm no longer a fan of the bling. Maybe if the team was playing with fire I would be.

A lucky win against an ok APP St team. Canes need to get it together fast. A good Michigan State football team is coming to town. Get fired up! Play with some damn fire!

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