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SOTG Film Review Series: Miami Hurricanes vs. App State

A cat wasn’t the only thing scared out of it’s mind at Hard Rock Stadium last Saturday night. The Miami Hurricanes survived a scare from Appalachian State.

Appalachian State v Miami Photo by Joel Auerbach/Getty Images

Appalachian State is a well coached team. Yes. Give them credit. They did a wonderful job scouting the Miami Hurricanes and had enough pesky and perfectly timed play calls which in turn kept the Miami offense out of sync.

Whether it was an opportune timed run blitz, buzzing a defender in the flat to blow up a screen, or having the perfectly called backend coverage, App state kept the Miami Hurricanes to 25 points. (2 of those points were result of a snap going over their punter’s head)

First three reads are covered here. There was nowhere realistically for the Hurricane quarterback D’Eriq King to go with the football. The Hurricanes were once again not very good on third downs, 5-16 on the night, and have slipped to second to last in conference with a 36% completion percentage.

Miami can continue to improve on its protection scheme. Here you will see a big difference between a running back in unison with his offensive line before becoming a check down option and not. The Hurricanes could benefit from making sure the quarterback is protected first before tertiary options, which are seldom used in this offense, are enacted.

Plenty of defensive clips in this breakdown video as well. The defense is still plagued by a plethora of missed tackles. When will this improve under Manny Diaz? The combination of missed tackles, a Hurricane offense being poor on third down and the special teams not being special is a far to common occurrence under his tenure.

The Miami Hurricanes slipped in the polls after the win and rightfully so. If the Hurricanes don’t iron out some of their deficiencies now, they will be holding onto their collective season lives similar to the Hard Rock cat.

Time to be honest in this week’s SOTG breakdown. The video series that asks you to eat your popcorn and grab your pencils. Just push play. It is go time. (Spoiler alert) We have to wait for the end of the video to yell BANG!!!! #gocanes