Blake James: Hot Seat or Hot Commodity

The football world has some strange aspects to it - and we don't know them - they're private and guarded as well.

For example - USC fires a winning coach at an in-city university: why? - it doesn't matter. USC is too far away for us to give a hoot– while the U is right under our noses.

We knew Mark Richt was well respected as an upstanding religious man who put God, family, country and Christian Principles above winning football games – we know because he told us his number one priority as a coach was to raise men of faith and principle for the betterment of their lives and the community.

It didn’t surprise me that Blake James scrambled to hire Mark Richt when 1/2 the people in Georgia wanted him gone for the last 10 years of his Georgia coaching career while the other 1/2 wanted him to remain for his good-man Christianness and good-enough football record.

Blake has similar strengths – the U gushes with praise for Blake’s accomplishments. They say, "Miami has captured five NCAA individual championships, six ACC team titles and 65 individual ACC titles since James became Director of Athletics."

Note the emphasis on individual titles and championships.

The U also credits James with responsibility for academic accomplishments. They emphasize, "James has always placed a strong emphasis on academics… A record 237 UM student-athletes made the 2019-20 ACC Honor Roll. Every team posted at least a 3.0 grade point average in the spring semester and the football team’s spring semester and cumulative GPAs also set team records. Nine programs were recognized for perfect single-year scores of 1,000 in the latest NCAA Academic Progress Report, and five programs — men’s and women’s cross country, golf, and men’s and women’s tennis teams — earned Public Recognition Awards…

But no mention of coaches, or football, or wins and losses in any of the major sports. Strange, but telling, for an Athletic Director.

And one really unexpected thing – The U posts Blake’s email address, right next to his picture, as

I guess its ok to brag a little - that would be a Cane Thing, wouldn't it?

Blake is clearly a man of priorities, as was Richt, and The U loves him for it; You can read what the U posts about Blake’s impressive accomplishments here:

Bottom line: climate permitting, the U will continue on it’s chosen path of academic greatness and individual accomplishment, and Blake James will be there to lead the way for all student athletes.

If the fan pressure to win ever becomes too great for James at Miami, he'll make a handsome living at countless schools across the country. While he's here, he and the U are in sync- and the U loves Blake for it. He's a hot leadership commodity for helping the U become the Stanford of the East Coast, or the Harvard of the South.

The U has dreams too.

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