Coaching Changes...

Almost every article and every post around these parts continues to echo the same sentiments regarding the coaching staff, some of which I agree with. Lashlee's conservative play calling in the first 2 games being my biggest coaching complaint. But good God almighty, some folks around here blame the coaches for every missed block, blown coverage, missed tackle, dropped pass, bad angle, every positive play the opposing team makes, the height and weight of everyone on our roster and their mother, and any other individual player error/deficiency you can think of.

When can we start putting a little responsibility on some of the players? Outside King, there's not one Miami player I find intimidating if I'm an opposing team. The offensive line play is totally inexcusable from a player perspective. How many years have some of these guys been here and how many coaches have they played under? Let's look at some of our recent starters:

Corey Gaynor - 2017 (5th year)

Navaughn Donaldson - 2017 (5th year)

DJ Scaife - 2018 (4th year)

Zion Nelson - 2019 (3rd year)

Justice Oluwaseun - 5th year transfer

That means Gaynor, Donaldson, and Scaife are on their 3rd OC, 3rd or 4th OL coach (I've lost count), and 2nd S&C coach. Nelson has gone through about the same amount of coaches minus a couple. 5th year transfers have spent time with numerous coaches here and wherever they came from. So are all these coaches crap, or are these guys just not that great? Because they've been getting pushed around, penalized, and outmatched about the same every week for several years, under several position coaches, OC's, and HC's. I have to start believing they are the main problem at this point.

It's not just the OL that's lacking talent. Take a look at our defense this year. I don't see a single future NFL player in our front 7. Safety is by far our greatest strength but our entire DB unit needed to be stitched up via the transfer portal. Bolden and Stevenson are the only 2 NFL talents I see back there. We all know the situation at LB is bad and I'm inclined to believe these guys all have a ceiling that's not very high. This is a result of poor recruiting at the position and I'll agree our staff needs to do much better finding good LB's to play here. I don't think any of these guys would do much damage (if any) with another program under a different staff. Pretty sure the turnover for position coaches on defense has been quite high the last few years too. Position coaches play a huge role in player development and getting a new one every year might not be a good thing.

We fans stomp our feet and shake our fists every year, demanding changes to the coaching staff, Manny makes them, and 2 games into the season we're not happy with it? Sorry but we can't have it both ways. If you're going to demand a new OC or DC along with a handful of position coaches every year you better expect a few growing pains. Ideally HC's don't call defensive plays because they should focus on being the HC, not a play caller, but everyone demanded changes. Some people say we should have hired a new DC with a whole new scheme but I doubt that would have yielded positive results, at least not after 2 games. If Manny hired another DC in the off-season, we'd be in the exact same position we are now, breaking in a new scheme and a new DC not knowing if it was going to be a longterm solution. Didn't we hire some respectable, former DC as an analyst on defense? Bob Shoop or something? Guess everyone forgot about that guy LOL.

Every change demanded by the fanbase here, Manny has pretty much granted. He's hired and fired several assistants at this point. All these new coaches and analysts and our players still make the same mistakes they've been making the last several years? It really makes me wonder sometimes if all this coaching and turnover does any good for the players, but we must press on with the executions! It's only Week 3 and we're already bringing out the guillotine. We fans love coaching changes so much, we can't even make it 3 weeks into the season without demanding more. What are the demands at the end of this season? A fired coach for every loss? What if I suggest we postpone the demands until January 2022 at the very earliest?

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