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X’s and Ro Video Mailbag Series: Michigan State Week

Lots of technical questions this week. What is going on with the Miami Hurricane blitz? Should the Canes go to the air raid? Why do the Miami Hurricanes suck?

Appalachian State v Miami Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

When the Miami Hurricanes face off against Michigan State it will do so with a tumultuous back drop. National talking heads want Mario Cristobal to be the head coach here. They weren’t shy about it.

That is what happens when the Miami Hurricanes are 1-3 going back to last season with two blowout losses, a bowl loss and a field goal away from calamity. Who knows where this program is today if it wasn’t for the younger Borregales splitting the up rights last Saturday night.

Going into this MSU game a lot of questions focused around what happened with App State. Could the Miami Hurricanes benefit by going more air raid? Lashlee was a disciple of Sonny Dykes at SMU. It makes sense.

The Miami Hurricanes have only amassed two sacks on the year. Obviously you lost some talent at the defensive end position but why isn’t the blitz getting home? Teams have either adapted the FIU principle which is simply not to hold the ball that long or you have the Alabama option. Alabama expected that the blitz to come and was insanely prepared when it did.

Popcorn and Pencils. Just press play. Big editorial at the end of this one and a remainder of the season prediction to boot. The Miami Hurricanes have a high noon showdown with Michigan State at the rock. Can the Hurricanes get back on track? #gocanes #BANG