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Storm Center, September 18th: Welcome (back) to the Rock!

It’s game day again for the Canes!

Appalachian State v Miami Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Welcome to another Miami Hurricanes game day, everyone! This time, it’s another home game and the first noon kickoff of the year for the Canes.

Here are some things to get your day started with some breakfast, maybe a mimosa or three, and settle in for this key non-conference game against the Michigan State Spartans:

Talkin’ bout Sparty

The “other” team from the State where I grew up, Michigan State is in year 2 of a rebuild under the direction of Mel Tucker. A longtime coach, Tucker was most recently the DC at Georgia and spent 1 year as the Head Coach of Colorado before taking his talents to East Lansing to try to return the Spartans to prominence.

The Spartans are perennially a physical team, and that is the design of this year’s team as well. For more on the Spartans past that tag line, here’s Justin Dottavio’s X’s and O’s preview, which details some ways in which MSU will look to use their physicality on the field against Miami today.

Mediocrity, thy name is Miami

Look, we all know the struggles Miami has had over the past 15-20 years. We know them. We hate them. We want them to be over. But, year after year, the struggles persist. And with it, Miami continues to be a legacy program with average performance, at best. While that may be good enough for some, it’s not good enough for John Michaels, who wrote a great piece about Miami needing to divorce itself from the mediocrity that has plagued this program for a long time. Yeah, it’s a must read.

Blips on the Radar

The timeline for today’s game, for those going to the game. KEGS AND EGGS BABY WOOOO!!!!

How to Watch

Roman Marciante’s latest X’s and Ro Q&A

Carl Bleich’s 3 things to watch

Our Q&A with The Only Colors, our SB Nation Michigan State site

Our answers to The Only Colors’s questions

Craig T. Smith’s Week 3 lines and picks

Oh yeah. And your wallpaper of the week!

State of the U Illustration by Mike Meredith

That’ll do it. Hopefully you have time to check this out before heading to the stadium bright and early for today’s tailgate!

See y’all in the West lot!

Go Canes