Drunk Canes Writings

For those of you who drink, we here, for those who don't, live vicariously knowing it's not as fulfilling (as you know) and that I strive to be like you in the eventuality of life.

I sit here sipping Malbec after sipping rum, interspersed with beer, worried that I'll suffer the first kidney stone of my life, but not worried enough to not drink at all or resist bad habits. I sit here worried about my Canes, because I continue to go to work, take hatred/criticism, not just rooted in sports but other isms. And though I deal with isms, I take so much pride in my team and its identity that I wonder if this team represents me.

Am I the caricature? Are these young men, me? It really gives you perspective to wonder. I live in GA now, to me part of my identity is the Hurricanes, but hey, that's not a 17/18 yr old's responsibility, its mine.

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