Canes Football Has Become a $hitshow

I've been a Canes fan since 1984. I moved to Ft Laud after graduating from my D2 school. I had no D1 allegiance. Enter the Canes. The 80s were insane. The University of Miami came out of nowhere to be beasts of college football. It was great. Canes were Mike Tyson. Everybody went down. Rolled into the 90s. Bullshit scandals. Stinking SI and it's hate. Managed to win another nattie in 2001. Robbed in 2002. Then the erosion began.

Not since 2005 has this program really been worth a damn. Coker, Shannon, Golden and Diaz. All shit. Richt provided a glimmer of hope in 2017 (beating ND was great!) but that eroded quickly.

I was at the embarrassing 58-0 Clemson loss. The worst defeat in program history. I was also at yesterday's debacle. It looked a lot like the Clemson game. Players looked lost and uncoached. And King has not recovered 100%. Four turnovers? And why was he even in the game the last couple of minutes when the ass whooping was secured?

The current coach in the spate of bad hires has some unreal resume items:

15 - 11 head coaching record

0 - 2 in Bowl Games

Barely beat Central Michigan.

Barely beat Appalachian State.

Lost to FIU.

Lost to lousy Ga Tech.

Not only lost to Louisiana Tech in a bowl game but didn't even score.

Got the shit beat out of him by UNC 62 - 26. Not Bama, Clemson or Oklahoma. By UNC.

I thought it was a bad decision to hire Manny Diaz because of his lack of experience. But I also thought that he would improve once he got the job. There seemed to be signs that he was improving last year. But that was a mirage. Wins came against ACC teams and the ACC sucks.

Watching this team play is painful. Dudes are lost out there. Being at Hard Rock amongst a sea of Michigan State fans was completely embarrassing. I honestly think Canes will win 4 games at best this season.

The U continues to make bad hiring decisions. Sixteen years of this means that Canes football has officially become a shit show. An insignificant spec in the halls of college football. Mediocre minus 3. The U is the team you want to play to get a win.

It is going to look pathetic when no one shows up against Central Connecticut State. Is a loss to them completely impossible? Until drastic changes are made, there is no reason to think this will get better anytime soon.

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