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Student of the Game Film Review Series: Miami vs. Michigan State

Mel Tucker and the Michigan State Spartans dragged the Miami Hurricanes into the deep end. The Hurricanes didn’t come back up.

Michigan State v Miami Photo by Joel Auerbach/Getty Images

The Miami Hurricanes lost at home by 21 points. The Michigan State Spartans came into Hard Rock Stadium and not only survived the south Florida heat and humidity, they did the unthinkable. Instead of fading in the fourth, they thrived in the fourth. They got stronger in the fourth.

D’Eriq King had a hefty stat line. 38/59 with 388 yards passing, two touchdowns and two interceptions. The interceptions however were both back-breakers respectively. King held the ball late on both occasions.

In this clip you can see that King did not use enough head discipline or subtle shoulder warfare. A quarterback must know where safeties are on vertical routes. The Spartan Safety, who initially opened up his hips away from the play, was cued onto King’s head and made the play.

Here is another example of losing sight of the “safety.” The Spartans do a good job with a post snap rotation into man one. The in the box defender goes over the top and almost makes another interception.

Charleston Rambo almost broke the Miami Hurricanes single game reception record. Rambo amassed 12 receptions, 156 yards and two touchdowns. He was definitely a bright spot for the Hurricanes despite the loss. Rambo showed exceptional tenacity, toughness and hands as this touchdown was thrown into harm’s way.

Three games in a row it is safe to say that Miami has been outcoached. This play by Michigan State would immediately be featured on the “I’d Steal That” series. The Spartans sell a screen to a halfback and utilize a delayed tight end screen for a big gain.

In the end the Hurricanes didn’t make enough plays when it mattered. It was untimely turnovers by the quarterback. It was missed tackles. It was a critical misstep. It was drops. It was everything that has personified the Miami Hurricanes in a loss.

Just press play. Plenty of clips to unpack in this one. Student of the Game is the video series that win or lose, we learn. Popcorn and pencil time. #BANG #GOCANES.