How Alim, Eddy, Roman and Justin can CHART the Canes to ACC TOP - FREE INSTRUCTIONS Book Download

Graph Algorithms Are the Key to Predictive Analytics

Graph analytics reveal structural and predictive insights hiding in your data.

Whether you are building dynamic network models, mitigating risk and fraud, or forecasting real-world behavior such as practice routines, Graph algorithms provide one of the most potent approaches to analyzing data.

Graph algorithms use the connections inherent within data (i.e relationships), they reveal structures other types of analytics miss yet prove to be some of the most predictive elements in data.

By integrating graph algorithms into Cane practice analytics, the U can better infer behavior, improve practice routines and forecast player development needs.

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Step One: Video Cameras

Step Two: Design practice examples for the players to demonstrate their techniques in one on one demonstrations against the better and the best opponents - not against 3rd teamers, freshmen and walkons.

Step Three: Record, Analyze, Chart and Review with the players

Step Four: Practice what the video analysis tells you to practice (until each player perfects the technique)


Bill James, the founder of sabermetrics, defines the term as, "the search for objective knowledge about baseball.

The formal definition of sabermetrics is the use of statistical analysis to analyze baseball records and make determinations about player performance.

(Just change baseball to football, and change the stats from rbi's and runs, hits and errors, to football technique terms.)

One of the most famous sabermetricians is Billy Beane. Beane is the general manager of the Oakland A’s and is well known for using data to exploit undervalued skills to create a playoff caliber team.


"Moneyball," a book and later a movie, marked a turning point in the thinking of low budget teams. The book was based on the Oakland Athletics’ historic 2002 season. This team was the first known front office to prioritize statistics and data to make personnel decisions. Billy Beane, the general manager, and the rest of his front office believed in the simple logic that getting on base led directly to scoring runs and that scoring runs would lead to wins. After the movie was released, many low budget teams followed the A’s approach. Of the teams that followed are the Brewers, the Indians, and the Rays. All of which, including Beane’s Athletics, have had great success in 2018.


Eddy's job is to make sure we have videos of the correct techniques, and then videos of each player's practice efforts and accomplishments, efforts, bad habits, etc.

Justin's job is to analyze the videos and start charting the player's efforts with numbers.

Roman's job is to assist Justin.

Alim's job is to watch the charted numbers provided by Justin and Roman and make new charts showing progress - or lack thereof.


The only place where a coach is needed is in the video analysis room.

My job is to demand that all of the charts and analyses are on my desk by 6 am every morning (or as otherwise scheduled)


OK - Assistant coaches can keep their jobs - but their function will change to teaching work ethic to the players.


So - you think I'm kidding? Then explain this:

"Low budget teams such as the Athletics have to develop a lot of younger talent to believe in the system they are trying to create. The Red Sox broke the Curse of the Bambino and won the World Series after hiring Theo Epstein. Epstein is a big believer in sabermetrics. The Cubs later hired Epstein and won the World Series after a 108-year drought."


In conclusion, I'd like to quote Justin:


and then show 'em the video, and maybe threaten to send a copy to their moms and dads and girl friend.


OH - there's room in this organization for John Michaels, too - we're gonna need a pretty face and voice to sell this "system" to every school in the country (not just colleges).


Better results and lower costs - you don't think the Pres would go for that?

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