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X’s and Ro Video Mailbag Series: Post Michigan State Recap

Should the Miami Hurricanes abandon the RPO? Do we need even more Air Raid Components? Why is the program dead?

Michigan State v Miami Photo by Joel Auerbach/Getty Images

When you lose by 21 points at home there tends to be a lot of questions and those questions deserve answers. The Miami Hurricanes are in a funk offensively and a lot of fans are left wondering how can Rhett Lashlee right the ship.

Is this offense “this close” from breaking out like Lashlee claims? The reality is that the Hurricanes were either a step late or a second late this week. So while there is merit to the offensive coordinator’s claim, some run game diversity and red zone creativity also would help the Hurricane’s cause.

Should you know the playbook inside and out before touching the field? Yes. Regardless if you are an upperclassman or not, knowing the game inside and out should be a prerequisite as well. The Spartans attacked Miami offensively and the Canes defenders routinely reveal their ruthless DNA as bait chasers and slow diagnosticians.

Here you will see and example of a linebacker just one step too slow understanding his assignment. It didn’t help that the safety was picked on this play as well. Two Miami Hurricane defenders a step quicker to diagnose could have kept this play from being a touchdown. That didn’t happen.

There is another editorial at the end of this video this week. A question alluded to the fact that you cannot separate the head coach and the athletic director anymore and I agree with that. The Miami Hurricanes are 1-2 on the season. Year three in the Manny Diaz era is not off to a hot start. That shouldn’t surprise anyone.