What is the U anyway?

Before the 1980s was the U football program ever stellar? How good has FIU or FAU been? You Canes fans got spoiled in the 80's and 90's 2001 and then somebody screwed up and fired Larry Coker after going 9-3. Really? All things considered, scandals, did Al Golden do a bad job by taking a program on probation turning it in winning seasons? How long did Howard S and JJ and Dennis, a one year coach everywhere, last at U of M? Sony Lubbick did not want the job he bolted for a huge power called Colorado State and was and is loved in Ft. Collins, COLO. I am a Catholic and therefore an Irish fan. Notre Dame is not just a football team. ND could stop playing sports and it would be just fine. What is the U? Just a football team? I like the city of Miami. I do! I like to see the U do well in football. I do. How many national titles has ND won since 1988? Lou Holtz? None! Life goes on at ND. Firing Larry Coker was a mistake after 9-3. So was Al Golden. Why did Richt leave? But then, how clean has the U football program been since 1980? The coach at USC as well sure left LA fast for the NFL Seattle when the violations came along there. Enough! You got beat by Alabama. Who beats Alabama anyway? Pretty much nobody. (Notre Dame last year?) Clemson beat ya 58-0. Has Clemson been pretty good the last few years? Michigan State? Michigan State has had some pretty good football teams over the years. My advice Miami fans? Give your coach two more years and shut up. You build a program. A clean program. Take some pride in your university as an institution like we Catholics do with ND (Gonzaga too did you know this?) It ain't just about sports! Or is it? Stay clean! Stay calm! Let your native Miami son coach work it out. There is only one Alabama. It ain't ND or Miami! Cheers!

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