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Film Review: Miami 69 - CCSU 0

The U did what it should and dominated lowly Central Connecticut State on Saturday aternoon.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 25 CCSU at Miami Photo by Samuel Lewis/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Miami Hurricanes squared off against the Central Connecticut State Blue Devils on Saturday afternoon and The U won handily. CCSU, a newly minted FCS up from the Division II ranks, was no match for the ‘Canes with a final score of 69-0.

These cupcake glorified scrimmages aren’t games that you watch for the final score, you have to watch for nuances. Tyler Van Dyke completed 10-of-11 passes, but look for little things like spiral, and ball placement.

Nuance 1

Above- We saw a smidge more of creativity from Rhett Lashlee on Sat. I’m assuming he knew even if the plays didn’t work Miami would get positive yardage with the talent difference. Brashard Smith took the arrow route and turned up field for a TD.

Above- Getting hawked down by CCSU- bad. Staying on your feet to finish the play- GREAT. The young guys were trying to get in the end zone to prove their salt and it happened all afternoon for Lashlee and Diaz to see.

The stats

I found it interesting that for a program trying to create “havoc,” the Hurricanes and Blue Devils matched sack totals with three, CCSU had more TFL’s with eight versus five, but Miami had more hurries with four.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 25 CCSU at Miami Photo by Samuel Lewis/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Miami did pick up three PBU’s which is nice to see because outside of Tyrique Stevenson the PBU’s have been few and far between. The turnover chain only came out once, on James Williams’ interception. Miami’s ‘ball hawking’ has all but dried up in 2021.

Having seven receivers with double-digit yards per catch was a nice thing to see for Lashlee and the ‘Canes. However, giving up five receivers for the same metric makes you cringe. CCSU’s Romelo Williams was terrible on the afternoon. Williams lacked accuracy and ball placement all afternoon.

Only having three penalties called against Miami was a good sign, too.

The game

If D’Eriq King is really out against Virginia on Thursday, Miami has to decide between the game manager in Tyler Van Dyke and the big play boom or bust style of Jake Garcia.

Nuance 2- Explosives or game management

Van Dyke averaged 24.5 yards per catch but the question isn’t how far the receiver took it, the question is how deep was the throw? Van Dyke’s deep ball to Charleston Rambo is a PBU against real competition. He didn’t just have to stop and come back, but he also caught it low versus high pointing the ball with his chest back.

Above- Van Dyke was throwing screens and flat routes while Garcia was dropping dimes where only his guy can catch them. Does Miami need more easy plays becoming big plays? Of course. Screens are a great way to move the football. In the Air Raid it is their run game.

Above- This is a beautiful throw and catch from this duo. Football games in 2021 are won via the explosive play. Unless you’re Army West Point sustaining long drives is difficult, especially with the amount of penalties Miami typically has in a game on offense.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 25 CCSU at Miami Photo by Samuel Lewis/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Above- Garcia does the little things really well- the way he pulled on inside zone read, the way he carried the football and switched hands, and how he runs out his fakes. You can see Garcia has been well coached and groomed to make sure his fundamentals are on point.

Nuance 3- Are Diaz and Patke coaching at CCSU, too?

Above- I hate bad football. CCSU’s safety sees the TE split flow across the formation and turns and runs. It reminds me of something Bradley Jennings or Gurvan Hall would do. If your visual-cognitive training is this poor I feel bad for you as a play.

Above- You can see the linebackers are fit over there and the safety needs to rotate down to his side but when he vacates it’s an easy explosive for Miami.

The wrap

Miami beating up on CCSU was what it was. Miami came out and handled business. A bunch of starters got time to rest and heal up. The younger players had a chance to shine, as well.

Miami obviously has a lot to clean up in all three phases of the game. Virginia on a short week will prove if Miami can win the ACC Coastal or be an ‘also ran’ in a year where the Coastal and the ACC Championship are wide open.