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Storm Center, September 27th. Miami gets a win! Short week to Virginia

Happy Monday, everybody.

NCAA Football: Central Conn. St. at Miami Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Monday Morning everybody! Let’s start by wrapping up the weekend that was:

Miami gets a “nice” win over Central Connecticut State

Needing a win in a bad way, the Canes delivered a 69-0 destruction of the overmatched Central Connecticut State Blue Devils on Saturday afternoon.

I’m sure there’s more out there, but you get the idea.

On to the next one. Speaking of which....

Miami hosts the Virginia Cavaliers on Thursday Night

Another year, another Thursday night game for the Canes. And this time, the opponent will be a familiar foe: the Virginia Cavaliers.

And, due to a scheduling quirk enacted in the 2020 COVID-19 affected season, this will be the 3rd consecutive and 4th year out of 5 the Virginia has traveled south to Hard Rock Stadium.

The kickoff time for this ESPN primetime special has already been previously announced, and it’s 7:30pm Eastern, for those wondering. And yes, it will be broadcast on ESPN.

Virginia has played a couple conference games already, but this is the ACC opener for the Canes. Gotta start on the path to that ACC Coastal Division Championship, right?

Canes Favored against Cavaliers

And for this THURSDAY’S game against Virginia (and other games across the country, but we’re talking about Miami, okay?!), Vegas has released the opening betting line. And here we are:

So, basically, the line points to these teams being about even on a neutral site, with Miami getting the 3pt home favorite bump. The over/under for this game is 61.5 points. The totals in this game the last 2 years have been 33 (Miami 19-14 W), and 26 (Miami 17-9 W), so there’s a chance this game goes way, WAY under the number.

Either way, Miami would be well-served to find a way to win. But hey, what else is new?

ACC Coastal Chaos?


Here we go again. Another year with the Coastal being.....the Coastal.

But there’s a glimmer of hope. The league is wide open and.....(I can’t believe I’m going to type this).....Miami has everything to play for. Yes, I know. The losses to MSU and Alabama (and the narrow-win over AppState) looked and felt bad, but like........there’s some truth to the party line Manny Diaz has been putting out there for the last couple weeks. There are goals that Miami had heading into the season that can be accomplished and achieved. Starting with winning the ACC Coastal.

Enough of my rambling on this topic, check out what Carl Bleich had to say about it.

That’s it for today. Start your week the right way with a marvelous Monday, everybody!

Go Canes