CANES: Fire Them Up !!!

So you want to fire Blake James (just because all major sports at the U have been struggling for years), but...

The U says Blake is knocking 'em dead with both individual and team academic accomplishments and, of equal or even greater importance, he raises money. Big money.

And you want to fire him? No no. That's a bad idea.

The U needs to fire him - up! Kick him upstairs, not out. That's what the big boys do. There's plenty of room upstairs for valuable assets like Blake.

If there's no current ready made position available - create the title (s) - create the position (s):

Blake James, (Athletic) Director of Academics.

Blake James, (Athletic) Director Fund Raising.

I checked - neither of these titles is registered as a Trademark - they're both available! Blake James is qualified for both positions, and he's already doing both jobs for the U, give him a raise, one or two impressive titles, and fire Blake James up, not out.

Bring in someone to fill the position of Director of Athletics - someone with knowledge, skill and experience in that field of endeavor. Maybe a beloved former big name quarterback would be great for publicity, as well as big name sports, ya think?

Then, too, there are the fans!

Fans who love sports (big name sports) are not known for academic pursuits - but they buy U brand merchandise and big name beer (lots of it) - that's important for TV contracts and multi-million dollar big name athletic equipment, clothing and other sports related paraphernalia. (You already knew that, didn't ya?)

Community pride and mental health are also part of the sports package - make that "winning" sports package. Have you forgotten how much winning our first natty did for our community's health and well being?

C'mon, U! Broaden your horizons - put the right people in the right places - Fire Up !!!

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