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Student of the Game Film Review Series: Miami Hurricanes vs CCSU

The Hurricanes scored 69 points and there were puppies everywhere on the field.

Central Connecticut v Miami Photo by Joel Auerbach/Getty Images

The Miami Hurricanes beat the Central Connecticut State Blue Devils in lop sided fashion. The 69 points also garnered the attention of one Mr. Dick Vitale. Apparently he was not too fond of the Hurricanes dismantling of an FCS program.

We will blow over the fact that seemingly every single big time school in the country partakes in these types of matchups. Let us not also forget the last time the Florida State Seminoles played an FCS school. In the end, the Hurricanes won in convincing blow out fashion and it was highlighted by the younger talent on the roster.

Brashard Smith is fast. His ability to put his foot in the dirt and essentially warp to pay dirt was impressive. Tyler Van Dyke shows great ball skills here and it was his play fake that led to the initial separation. Quarterbacks can have ball fakes just like NBA point guards too.

You will also see back to back examples of both young guns Van Dyke and Garcia with good head discipline. Go back to last week and you will see D’Eriq King bring a safety over with his head. Quarterbacks need to account for such things. Two touchdowns for the canes were result of great catches and great quarterback subtlety.

First the video clip of Jake Garcia on a catch of the year candidate.

Now TVD and Charleston Rambo show great report.

When both quarterbacks combined for only 4 incompletions and five touchdowns it is safe to say that position group played well. That quarterback battle will continue to rage on and it is hard to see a clear separation from the two. This is clearly a case of talent pushing talent.

Manny Diaz will see a ton of young guys flashing and making plays this week. It will be his job to make sure the senior talent he habitually prefers doesn’t impede the potential. “Gregtober” is upon us and it looks like some freshmen need more snaps.

The ACC is still up for grabs and this season can still be salvaged. SOTG says BANG a lot this week. So get your popcorn and your pencils, it’s go time. #gocanes.