Thank you Kirk Herbstreit

For finally saying what I've been preaching for so long. Miami's approach to athletics is why this program will never be good again. It doesn't matter who the coach is when you don't have an AD or a President who supports them. They're the guys who make decisions. Sports simply don't matter at The U. Everything Kirk said is 100% accurate.

The disappointing part? Manny's response to the criticism, defending Blake James and the administration above.

Look, I don't expect Manny to talk shit about his bosses, but his defense for them is about as bad as our defense is this year. Let's take a look at the "film"

"Kirk Herbstreit questioned that commitment on College GameDay on Saturday, in comments that went viral and made their way to Diaz. Herbstreit questioned whether the athletic department was willing to make changes to support football, noting there remain ongoing problems that have kept Miami from being a national power over the last decade.Diaz opened his Zoom press conference with a statement pushing back on those comments, noting university President Julio Frenk led the charge for the season to move forward during the coronavirus pandemic last. "That would be a strong take for someone that didn't really seem that interested in athletics," Diaz said."

Wow, Julio Frenk is so supportive of the football program because he (like everybody else) wanted to play football in 2020 instead of not playing at all? That is the bare minimum amount of support someone can offer. Pathetic.

"Diaz also pointed out the improvements the Hurricanes have made to their facilities -- including building a new indoor practice facility and new dorms -- with a project to renovate the locker room up next"

This is a Gurvan Hall/Michigan State level missed tackle. We all KNOW Richt had to invest his own money in the IPF and needed to fundraise for it himself. And new dorms? What the hell does that have to do with the football program? I know the old dorms on campus were practically dungeons and upgrades were long overdue. It's great they finally built new ones but again, it has nothing to do with football. Why are we patting people on the back for doing the absolute minimum to survive? That's like saying you're making huge improvements to your daily driver because you fill it up with gas and change the oil every now and then. If you didn't do it, you couldn't drive, or your car might catch on fire...

This is bad defense, Manny. If anything you actually proved Herby's point. The University's attention is elsewhere, and they do the absolute bare minimum when it comes to athletics.

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