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2021 State of the U Season Predictions: W/L record

Time to call our shots: record prediction time!

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 09 Louisville at Miami Photo by Aaron Gilbert/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Miami Hurricanes football is RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER!!!!!!!! And we’ve convened the SOTU crew to give some predictions on the season.

Here’s part 1 of our roundtable, where we focused on the offense:

Here’s part 2, where we took at good look at the defense:

And now, today, we’re going to get down to brass tacks and predict the record for the season. Away we go!

Call your shot: What’s your prediction for the W/L record for Miami this season?

Cam Underwood: 10-2 regular season. After a loss to Bama in the opener, Miami will lose one other game this year. 10 wins and the Coastal Division Championship is in the cards this year. And y’all know I’ve been hesitant to go “all-in” on a season prediction in recent years. But the roster is there, the coaching staff is there, and the schedule is there. And it HAS TO come together this year for Miami. Period.

Marsh Thomas: All off-season, I’ve heard people telling me about the experience, weak schedule, etc. I heard the same thing in 2018, 2019, 2006, 2013. I’m saying 8-4 or 9-3 maybe until they prove me otherwise. Not saying coach Diaz is bad, or anything like that, but after having dealt with 20 years of failed expectations, they’re gonna have to pass the eye test until I predict double digit wins. Bama and UNC are the only teams they SHOULD lose to, but we’ll see.

go Canes

Justin Dottavio: 11-1, loss is to Bama. Miami then loses the ACC CG to Clemson in a less than 10 point loss, and wins a New Years 6 bowl game. Not ready to beat Clemson, ready to beat Wisconsin or whomever in a NY6 bowl. No more Cheez-Its

Jake Marcus: 11-1 regular season with the loss this week to Bama. The key is focusing on the ACC slate after the out-of-conference matchups, including avenging the embarrassing UNC game. Miami loses to Clemson but keeps it close, unlike previous matchups. Miami goes on to a New Year’s Six Bowl vs. the Gators, who watch their lead slip through the fingers after a Kaiir Elam muffed punt - poetic justice.

Carl Bleich: 10-2 with losses to Alabama and North Carolina. However, in my scenario, this is enough to get Miami to the ACC Championship game. UNC has tough ACC road games against Virginia Tech, Pittsburgh, and North Carolina State and I predict that the Tar Heels will lose two of those three games and finish at 6-2 in the ACC behind Miami at 7-1. Miami will lose to Clemson in the ACC Championship game and participate in a NY6 bowl.

Those are our season predictions for our beloved Hurricanes. Drop yours in the comments section below.

Go Canes