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Every Game Is Now Manny Diaz’s Most Important

After starting 2-2, each game is going to be survival mode for Manny Diaz for the remainder of the year.

NCAA Football: Michigan State at Miami Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Although it seems like this season has gone on forever, somehow, the Hurricanes have only played four games so far. A year that began with so much optimism and promise, has now turned into survival for Manny Diaz and his team.

Miami currently is sitting with a 2-2 record, and people are not happy with coach Diaz. While a 10-win season may not happen for the Canes, their goals of winning the ACC Coastal are still very much in play. In fact, a Coastal division championship and a spot in the ACC Championship game, may be the one thing that quiets, at least some of the fanbase, and raises their approval for Diaz remaining as the head coach.

The Canes kickoff their conference schedule tonight, as they’ll host the Virginia Cavaliers at Hard Rock Stadium. Starting tonight, every game from now on, is the most important in Manny Diaz’s career.

But start with a win tonight.

Miami plays today, then they’re off for 16 days before heading to Chapel Hill to take on UNC. That’s the start of a rough 4-game stretch, where they’ll then host a good NC State team, go on the road to Pitt, and then playa surprisingly solid Georgia Tech squad at home.

You lose tonight to Virginia and fall to 2-3, that’s going to be the longest 16 days of Manny Diaz’s life. You lose tonight, and an already unhappy fan base is going to grow in numbers, the criticism is going to increase, and the game against the Tar Heels is going to look nearly impossible to win.

Obviously some things that have happened this season, isn’t Diaz’s fault. D’Eriq King’s ongoing injury problems which has limited his play, Diaz wasn’t counting on that happening. Still, this test is going to show how good of a coach Diaz is, and what kind of potential he has, how will he adapt his team to win without D’Eriq King. What changes will he make, so the Hurricanes can continue to win games. The loss of King, cannot mean the loss of this season.

One of the young quarterbacks, Tyler Van Dyke or Jake Garcia will have to step up and take command of this offense and this team. You still have talented players on offense and defense, you have the pieces where you can still win games.

But it starts with a win tonight.

You definitely wish that the Hurricanes wouldn’t be in this situation after just four games, but these are the facts, and this is what’s happening. Fact of the matter is, this shouldn’t be the case anyway for a head coach in his third year, and sixth in the program altogether.

Manny has his back against the wall, and it’s do or die time.

Start with a win tonight.