Put The Cane Shades On! [DOH! Take em off!]

[Wrote this part before the UVA game]

I know that if you have been a Cane fan within the past 15 years it has sucked. And plenty has been written about this year’s team, it’s potential and it’s coach. Expectations are understandably low.

But it’s gameday! And Canes are in the weakest division in the weakest Power 5 conference in the country. In other words, this team could actually beat the wahoos tonight. I don’t know what the hell a wahoo is but they are as bad as the Canes.

So with all the disappointment the fact is that the Canes still have a remote chance to win the Coastal and even the ACC. Maybe TVD is better than we thought. Maybe the team got in each other’s faces this week. Who knows? But put the Cane Shades on and get hyped! Get your pre-game ritual ready! For me tonight it’s El Dorado 21, chips & dip, curry chicken and rice. Putting on my old school jersey from 2001.

Beat Virginia gotdammit! Deliver pain! Rip their heads off and shit down there necks! Aaaaaaaaargh!

Go Canes!

Added this part after the UVA Game. The Cane Shades have been removed.

It's just fucking hopeless. Chris the Cricket Coach could do a better job than Manny.

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