Brutus, Like The Inveterate Scorpion, Will Never Stop

Our favorite chef, SOTU commenter and friend posted this somewhat Biblical item just before the Bama contest:

"And so the Canes will be placed at the right hand of the father, and the rest of the NCAA to the left, and so shall the fans rejoice as the day of judgement comes upon us".

Reasonable and understandable, as the euphoric moment of season kickoff loomed like Christmas morning.

I myself was thinking more like 8 - 4.

But all the pro-Cane enthusiasm reminded me of this Revelation - not Biblical - but an old world poem dealing with revolutionary change in the power structures of Rome, (can you see the analogy?).

Written by Virgil in his Eclogues, it reads:

"...the great march of the centuries begins anew ... and a new and better race descends from on high."

Sounds like something Nostradamus should have penned a couple of millennia later: "They shall return and will descend upon the Bamans".

But no. Gone for Miami are the days of classical struggles between established powers; gone for Miami are the days of predictions of shocking upheavals in the system; gone are the days of my chiding Edster for his failures to predict 12 - 0 seasons for the Canes

In replacement, I appended my version of truth and reality to the bottom of Cam Underwood's Good, Bad and Ugly article and repeat it here. It's been in the making for some time, at least since the U's failure to rehire Butch Davis.

" yup LOL

But sorry dude – it ain’t gonna happen – ever – ‘cause Miami is not in the ACC to win it or anything else – they joined to milk it for the guaranteed participation checks for fielding a team. When you say "we need to see better results", you mean we as in the fans, not as in what the school’s game plan calls for. Miami went eyeball to eyeball with the Big East saying "we are Big East – we’ve got your back" until the ACC teams quietly approved the Miami acquisition – then Miami stabbed that back and their northeast fan base – so much for truth, honesty, integrity, and the American way. The ACC brought in Miami for the betterment of ACC prestige as a football playing conference – but Miami instantly stopped competing and yielded the pride of the league status to Florida State – not what the ACC wanted or bargained for.

Bottom line: Miami is not a football power now and never will be again – it was a fortuitous run of great coaches (Lou Saban, Howard Schnellenberger, Jimmy Johnson, Butch Davis (plus Dennis Erickson)) who accomplished the miracle with little to no cooperation from the school.

As for being a great coaching destination, why not? All Miami wants is to win some, lose some, get bowl eligible, and stay out of the news papers for women beating, fish stealing and other publicly frowned upon activities such as carrying guns, stealing cash or computers, class cutting, plagiarism, etc.

Don’t knock it – Miami’s got a good hustle going – they’ll run with it until they turn into another Temple – but they won’t be competing for anything until Howard, Jimmy and Butch return – and what are the odds on that? More likely, Brutus returns and apologizes to Caesar for the hole in his back…


On the other hand, the odds are good that we will always have spring - that's when, according to Lou Holtz, everyone believes their team has a chance to win the national championship.


Best wishes to everyone for the rest of this season!

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