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Student of the Game Film Review Series: Miami Hurricanes vs. The Alabama Crimson Tide

The University of Miami Hurricanes faced off vs. the defending national championship winning Alabama Crimson Tide. The Hurricanes have a long way to go.

Chick-fil-A Kickoff - Alabama v Miami Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Alabama just provided a free exploratory surgery for the Miami Hurricanes. Whether you liked it or not, the Crimson Tide put the Hurricane program on an operating table and exposed to a national audience just how far the programs are a apart.

The microscopic view showed that there was an obvious talent gap and the coaching gap might actually have been wider. Manny Diaz commended the Crimson Tide on their ability to convert on third downs and it was an absolute master class.

Bama utilized every second of opportunity to help diagnose the Miami blitz and Bryce Young was relatively unscathed all day. When you have made a calling card as an aggressive play caller, Diaz reputation proceeded him and Alabama was ready.

On the flip side the Miami Hurricanes have made it a premium to go fast on offense. I believe it is starting to hurt the Hurricanes at times and they can’t afford to simply hurry for the sake of hurrying.

Don Chaney is short of a touchdown and instead of dialing it in, D’Eriq King tries to rush it and sneak it into a lion’s den that has swallowed up more willing rushers than you can count. That play is stuffed out before it even had any ounce of opportunity to be successful.

Alabama would often times point like crazy and pre-snap identify would-be blitzers on money downs. It was a position group that seemed well prepared and dialed in. Conversely, the Miami Hurricanes hog mollies seemed rushed at times and unsure who to block.

Tempo is a great tool however when Alabama ended up with essentially a quarter more of possession and the red zone plays were dead on arrival, maybe it is time to reevaluate. Is the fast break tempo the one shoe fits all that it was intended to be?

There can be a good balance. Tempo needs to be a regular main stay in this offense but it could benefit the Miami Hurricanes to utilize a little more check with me when it matters. Carpenters say measure twice, cut once.

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Ultimately the chasm between programs on Saturday was immense but the Hurricanes can get better. They have to. Popcorn and pencil time. There is a ton of season left. Student of the Game is the video series that asks you to press play. #Bang. #gocanes