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Storm Center, September 6: Outclassed by Alabama, Appalachian State TV and opening line announced

Let’s look back, and also move forward, shall we?

NCAA Football: Alabama at Miami Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Labor Day, Canes. Let’s get our week started with some Canes content, shall we?

Miami blasted by Alabama 44-13 in season opener

So yeah. There’s lightyears of distance between where Alabama, the defending national champions and best team in the sport, and Miami are at present. And that was clearly shown on the field in Atlanta on Saturday afternoon.

Even with that negative game result, there’s plenty to talk about. A quick list:

The Canes got blasted by Alabama, that much is a verifiable fact. But the season isn’t over, and the attention needs to turn to Appalachian State. Quickly.

Appalachian State Television coverage announced

Lost in the midst of the week 1 slate was the announcement of the TV coverage for Miami-AppSt.

I used the AppSt tweet bc the ACC announces TV coverage after all their games are played weekly. So, this will come from the Miami/ACC side of things later today or tomorrow, most likely.

So, for those of you not coming out to the opener, program your DVRs now. ESPNU, 7pm Saturday night.

Miami Hurricanes vs Appalachian State Mountaineers Opening Line released

As per usual, I did my normal Sunday morning ritual of watching Formula 1 racing and looked up various CFB things, like the betting line for Miami-AppSt. Here’s what I found:

Many responded that they thought/figured this line would be in the double digits in Miami’s favor. I think the poor showing against Alabama depressed that number by about half, and that’s why it opened at Canes -6. But the early money already moved that to Canes -7.5 as of the writing of this piece, so we’ll see where it ends up. Either way, the main idea should be working for a MUCH BETTER performance from the Canes on Saturday night.

Bling Bling

In case you missed it, Miami debuted the next installment of both the Turnover Chain and Touchdown Rings on Saturday night against Alabama. Here they are:

Austin Sapin, Miami Athletics
Austin Sapin, Miami Athletics

And that’ll do it for today.

Enjoy your Labor Day, everybody.

Go Canes