The Dabo Route.

What is the Dabo route? It's the path we Miami fans have to hope Manny Diaz takes. From here at SOTU to YouTube I am hearing the fire Manny Diaz talk already and it's only week 2. I get it. We got humiliated. But we can't keep doing this. We can't keep firing and hiring coaches every 4 years. For better or worse we need to stick with Manny and let him figure it out because there are ZERO realistic options out there to replace Diaz right now or next year. We have to hope he follows Dabo's footsteps and figures it out. Now let's take a look at how Dabo did when he took over as the HC for Clemson.

In 2009 Dabo Sweeny became Clemson's HC after being an interim in 2008. Dabo's first year was solid by all means for a first time HC finishing 9-5, losing the ACC championship game to GT and wining the Gaylord Hotel Music City Bowl against Kentucky.

Now in 2010, Dabo's second year as a HC it was a BAD year! He went 6-7 and Clemson fans were calling for his head in only his second year. Sounds familiar?

In 2011, Dabo's 3rd year as HC, he finished that season 10-4 and winning the ACC Championship over VT. HOWEVER all those 4 losses were blowouts! Losing to GT 31-17, North Carolina ST 37-13, South Carolina 34-13 and getting demolished 70-33 by West Virginia in the Orange Bowl.

In 2012, Dabo's 4th year is where things started turning around. In 2012 Clemson became a really respectable program. After making the necessary staff changes the year prior Clemosn finished 2012 11-2. They didn't make it to the ACC Championship but won an NY6 bowl game over LSU and I think I can speak for everyone on here that we would love for Manny to do the same thing this year.

Dabo's 5th year at Clemson in 2013 he repeated 2012's success going 11-2, missing the ACC Championship game but winning the Orange Bowl game, beating Ohio State.

In 2014, year 6 of the Dabo era, Clemson finished 10-3, missing the ACC Championship again, but winning the Russel Athletic Bowl game 40-6 over Oklahoma. Up to this point Dabo and the Clemson Tigers have become a steady and a really respectable program nation wide. Honestly who here wouldn't want Miami to win 10+ games the next 3 or 4 years that include bowl wins?

The following year in 2015, Dabo's 7th year, we all know what Clemson did. They went 14-1. They won the ACC Championship, made the playoffs and lost to Bama in a thrilling national championship game and the rest is history. From 2015 until now Clemson has won 2 natty's and is an established national powerhouse that recruits at an elite level and reloads on players every year.

Now I know what some of ya'll are thinking right now. Dabo won the ACC Championship in his 3rd year. Hell he made it to the ACC Championship in his first year as HC. Yes I know. Manny had a dreadful year 1 with and is responsible for some of the WORST loses in school history and 2020 was disappointing with the way we didn't show up for big games. I get it.

But Dabo had his growing pains as well. Not as dreadful as Manny but growing pains non the less. Like I said, in 2011 he did win the ACC Championship but those 4 humiliating losses deflated that ACC victory. Clemson lost to their main and hated rival South Carolina 5 years in row between 2009-2013. Also remember how they became famous for the term clemsoning?

Manny and this team has an opportunity to finish the season strong. Look Bama is Bama they demolish teams. We weren't the first and won't be the last team to get humiliated by Bama. Let's just focus on App St. I am telling you guys what Bama did to Miami is exactly what Miami is going to do to App St. Let's focus on the rest of the schedule. Let's focus on winning the Coastal and winning a bowl game. Can we please do that first?

What if Manny in his 3rd year manages to finish the regular season 10-2 or 11-1? Or what if he finishes this year 9-4 with a bowl win?? How would we feel? We have to hope he figures it out as he goes. Listen give credit where it's due. Manny is willing to make changes. He did it after his first year and he did it again this past season. Hopefully he keeps doing it until it finally works. I believe Manny is a few assistant coaching hires, a DC hire, maybe a different S&C approach and a few recruiting classes away from turning things around the way Dabo did in 2012.

I know that's a lot but we have to hope Manny keep reevaluating things and keep making changes until it finally works. Let him go through the growing pains. How frustrated were we when Al Golden wouldn't make changes to his staff or Mark Richt? Let's give it time people.

You know what I heard today in a podcast? I heard Alabama currently has 14 former five star recruits on their roster. You know how many Miami has? They currently have 2. C'mon people!!! It wasn't going to be a game to begin with. Alabama has mythical creatures for players and has former college and NFL head coaches as assistances and analysts. Oh but we have Bob Shoop as an analyst and now we're ready to face Bama right? C'mon man!

Anyways those are my thoughts. Let the season play out. It just started. Hope that Manny follows a path similar to Dabo. I bet my bank account we would be so happy if Miami were to go 10-4, 11-2, 11-2, 10-3 the next 4 years that include winning the Coastal division and bowl games. Tell me you would not! I dare you!

Let's go beat App St.

Go canes!!!!

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