What do I expect from Miami on Saturday vs. App St.


This game vs App St has now turned to a very important game. Why?? Because a lot of us Cane fans are now truly concerned about losing this game. Some us really put too much stock into the Bama game and some of ya'll are now convinced we are a sub .500 team now. Listen that was a brutal game. Bama humiliated us. We got outcoached, out man and out played. Simple as that. Bama is THAT GOOD people. We won't be the last team they will humiliate this year.

Now it's time to move on and focus on App St. Now what do I expect on Saturday? I expect Miami to bounce back. I expect to see Miami do to App St what Bama did to Miami. I expect Miami to be up 28-0 or 35-7 at half time! If we accomplish this by half time sit King down and put in TVD for the entire 3rd quarter. Give him meaningful reps and start prepping him for next year. Same with Jake Garcia! Put him in for the entire 4th quarter. Empty the benched!

Keep the 1st team OL until the 4th quarter and then sub in some of the younger OL. By the start or halfway of the 3rd quarter I need to see a bunch of our stud freshman players both on offense and defense. Put App St away early and get the young guns out and get them acclimated to college ball.

Do not be concerned about this game. In 2016 when Miami traveled up to Boone to face App St we were suppose to lose! Remember how Miami was a 7 point dog for that game? Remember how everyone and their had Miami struggling or losing that game? What did Miami do? Miami cruised to an EASY 45-10 victory.

You guys already know my official score prediction for this game. I said last week 49-14 Miami. But now?? I want to be greedy. I want Miami to fifty burger these fools like Backpack U! Leave no doubt! Restore the confidence in the fanbase once again. The season truly starts on Saturday. One game at a time. Love you guys. Slaughter App St!

Go Canes!!!

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