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X’s and Ro Video Mailbag Series: Post Alabama Blues

We took questions from the orange and green social media universe and Hurricane fans still had Bama on the brain. We also look at how Appalachian State can attack the Hurricanes defensively as well.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 02 Duke’s Mayo Classic - East Carolina v Appalachian State Photo by John Byrum/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Now that the autopsy is over and the Alabama Crimson Tide have came and went, what were the official findings? Obviously the Miami Hurricanes fell short of the mark and failed to compete against the national champions.

Looking back, there was a question that involved Manny Diaz using a ton of cushion on third downs vs. the Crimson Tide. Was that the actual case? We dive into video analysis that shows the pre snap picture isn’t always the whole picture.

The reality is that Manny Diaz mixed his fronts, his pressures and mixed between press and off man looks. This initial pre snap off man look turned into a rotated cloud with a plethora of Miami defenders looking to patrol the first down marker in this case.

It was a good defensive call. It was just the fact that Bryce Young was better. Young didn’t panic, bought his time, rolled the pocket and made a play. It happens.

Now looking forward. How will Appalachian State attack the Miami defense? We found an example of both Alabama and App State using the same formation, different personnel mind you, and utilizing tight to the formation sets to their advantage.

I sense a heavy dose of the same. App State obviously doesn’t have the talent that Alabama has, but trying to gash the Hurricanes underneath and in the flats isn’t a new endeavor. It is a tried and true road that many teams have rode on with varying amounts of success. Many opponents haven’t even had to pay any tolls.

How did Zac McCloud do? Who should start between Cam Harris and Don Chaney Jr? Popcorn and pencil time. All questions will be answered. Just press play. X’s and Ro is the video mailbag series that takes your questions on line and answers them to the best of our ability. #gocanes #bang