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BREAKING: Gilbert Frierson expected to sign $50k NIL deal

The NIL deal in the works for hometown kid isn't the only news he and @JohnHRuiz are making today.

Virginia Tech v Miami Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

Our friends over at Footballville are reporting a lucrative deal is in the works for Coconut Grove’s own Gilbert Frierson who is expected to sign a deal with the newly launched “LifeWallet”. The Miami Hurricanes starting Striker is making more headlines today.

But wait, There's more

Frierson is also making other news today with reports that he is the Plaintiff in a lawsuit being brought by John Ruiz as they are suing the NCAA and FHSAA for name Image and Likeness

Reactions are beginning to hit the timeline on Twitter

We’ll keep an eye on these fast moving developments and report back as new information becomes available.

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