Canes Hoops vs FSU; CMC Was Hyped!!!

I coach hoops. I’ve coached college, high school and AAU. I finally grew tired of parents bullshit and so now I just do skills development coaching. I’m sharing this to offer some credence to what I’m about share.

I can’t stand the way most teams play basketball today on offense. Most teams play concrete feet while one player dribbles and plays 1 on 1 or 1 on 2 to shoot a 3 or attack the hoop. It sucks and you can’t win championships like that. The teams that win have players moving without the ball, passing the ball, setting screens and throwing the ball into the low post.

Well our Canes play concrete feet hoops. I was at the game Saturday. A great crowd. A super atmosphere. About 30% of the fans were for FSU so the banter was fun.

The Canes were down by 20 at halftime. Concrete feet and FSU couldn’t miss. They mounted a strong comeback in the second half. The lead eroded. Down by 15. Then down by 10. With 5 minutes to go Canes were down by 5! Canes call timeout. Give the mic to Mario Cristobal! CMC got the crowd hyped! It was unreal.

Canes ball. They get it down to 3. Eight seconds left. Canes have the ball and down 1. Wong gets the ball full court. Dribbles all the way up the court against the FSU press. He attacks the basket. Instead of lobbing the ball to his big man, Wong takes a difficult shot…misses. Game over.

Stop playing concrete feet hoops.

Go Canes.

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