Chill…It’s just the OB Curse

It’s November 10, 2007. The final game at the Orange Bowl before demolition begins. The home of five time National Champion Miami Hurricanes. A staple of the community. Local residents made money offering their yards for parking and selling food. Canes were the glue of the city.

But some geniuses decided that the OB had to go. Local residents were furious. And on that final game the fate was sealed. Losing to Virginia 48-0. Since then it just hasn’t been the same. Why? The curse.

What has never been shared before is that locals got together the morning of the UVA game and asked Chango to curse the U for 50 years. That no matter who they hired or recruited Canes would never see glory again until 2057.

So now you know the truth. Chill and accept what is.

Now let’s get out there like a bunch a crazy men and beat Va Tech!

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