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Some Positives from this Current Disaster of a Season

After three losses in a row, let’s get some positive thinking going!

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 04 Chick-Fil-A Kickoff Game - Miami v Alabama Photo by Michael Wade/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

This season has been awful for the Miami Hurricanes. Their record is 2-3, 0-1 in ACC play. Middle Tennessee State came into South Florida and whooped the Canes, 45-31. They couldn’t get in the end zone against a decent, but far from great, Texas A&M team. Finally, Miami only scored 24 against a UNC defense that loves to give up points. Okay, those are some serious negatives. All that said, I’m a glass half-full kind of guy. So let’s look at some positives from this season!

Miami isn’t Nebraska

As underwhelming as the Canes have been this season, at least they aren’t Nebraska. The former powerhouse of the 1980s and 90s is a shell of its former self. Former quarterback Scott Frost turned out to be a disaster of a hire, with his former school paying him $15 million in September to go away forever. Even worse, the QB he coached for four years, Adrian Martinez, is thriving at Kansas State. Now, maybe a new coach like Matt Rhule could breathe life into the moribund program and get the most out of his players, something Frost was unable to do. I just don’t see Nebraska coming close to approaching their former status among the game’s elite. It’s still easy to forget they play in the BIG 10, and they are geographically so far away from the rest of the conference. That plays a big role in recruiting. Good luck prying big-time recruits from the Midwest away from the blue bloods like Michigan, Ohio State and Penn State.

The ACC Coastal is still available for the taking, just not for Miami

Follow me on this one. Despite the loss to the Coastal favorite in UNC, Miami could theoretically make a push for the division title. Now, we real Canes fans know this isn’t going to happen. One first-place division finish in 17 seasons doesn’t provide good odds. Would it be cool if Miami somehow turned it around, won the remainder of their games, and looked like a spoiler for Clemson? Sure. Let’s be real though; we’ve seen this movie before. Watching every play from the last three games makes me extremely confident Miami will find ways to lose multiple games the rest of the season. I’m sorry, but I don’t want to watch, and I don’t want recruits to watch them get the shit kicked out of them by Clemson..again.

Clemson University vs University of Miami, 2017 ACC Championship
Remember the ACC Championship beatdown in 2017? That was rough.
Set Number: X161565 TK1

Florida fall weather

Miami Hurricanes football being out of contention for anything meaningful isn’t the only consistency we have every fall. It’s October, which means beautiful weather all over the state of Florida. From Fernandina Beach to South Beach, the days and nights are cool and lacking the humidity we suffer through every spring and summer. Yeah, the UM from Michigan is ahead of us on the field for now, but who wants to tailgate in Ann Arbor with temperatures in the 30s and 40s? Not me. We Canes fans will be enjoying ice-cold beer and delicious hot tailgate food while not freezing our asses off. Take that- way better teams from worse climates!

Early game times against equally bad ACC opponents

Miami has been rightfully placed in the 12 pm EST kickoff slot for their game this Saturday at Virginia Tech. Next Saturday, The Canes host Duke with a kickoff time of 12:30 EST. I don’t know why the extra thirty minutes makes it worse, but it does. Do you remember any important 12:30 games? Of course not, because it’s usually teams like Duke or Georgia Tech playing then. I promise I am going somewhere with this. In short, Miami playing so early in the day is great. This way, we Canes fans don’t have to stress all day waiting for the inevitable frustration of watching Josh Gattis’ offense with a belly full of beer and unhealthy food. We can be free and enjoy the day! We can go to our local watering hole and watch actual college football teams compete at a high level. We can sit outside and enjoy the fall weather. We can socialize with friends and talk about the NFL games we are looking forward to the following day. So many possibilities!

Notre Dame v Miami
Look at that positive attitude!
Photo by Joel Auerbach/Getty Images

Has this season sucked so far? Yeah. Was the loss to Middle Tennessee State absurd, unexpected, and unacceptable? Hell yeah. Does the Josh Gattis hire look worse after every Michigan game? You betcha. However, we don’t root for Nebraska or live in Michigan. Never forget, it could always be worse.