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ACC/SEC Pick’em League, Week 8

Another week trying to get back to the top

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Welcome back to another week of the ACC/SEC Pick’Em League!

If you’re new here, this a league with some friends where we pick the straight up winner of any game with an ACC or SEC team playing. That’s the gist of it, but, like everything in life, there’s more to the story than that. If you missed the introduction to this wonderful and stupid world, click the link and get caught up:

And with that, let’s dive into the week that was, and look ahead to this upcoming weekend.

Week 7 Recap

Entering the week, I had 109 points. There were 12 points on the table in Week 7. As I now have 118 points that means I earned 9 points for correct picks last week.

Here are the games I missed:

  1. LSU beating Florida. This game went in the exact opposite way that I thought.
  2. Arkansas beating BYU. KJ Jefferson was back last week and I didn’t think he’d play. He did. And he was the reason Arky won.
  3. Kentucky beating Mississippi State. Should have known a Mike Leach coached team would let me down sometime.

This also means that I was RIGHT on my upset pick of Tennessee over Bama. But, unfortunately for me, nearly half the league joined me in making that pick. So I didn’t gain anything in the standings, really. Which, for what I thought was a pretty audacious pick, is kind of a letdown.

League Standings

With 9 points last week, I now have a total of 118 points in the league. That’s a decent amount and puts me near the top, still.

As I alluded to above, I’m still in a tie for 6th, 3 points back of first place. No movement toward the top this week, after consecutive weeks where I gained ground. Holding serve is better than losing ground, but we need to get back to the top.

Commissioner Tyler is still in sole possession of first place, with Harper’s Bazaar in 2nd, replacing Joanie Loves Chachi, who fell a place into the group tied for 3rd, just ahead of myself and a still small group tied for 6th.

Week 8 Games and Picks

The search for the perfect week continues. Time to eliminate the misses, and make a big step forward, if not this week, then SOON. And a reminder: we’re picking straight up winners; no spreads. Narrative doesn’t matter. Results do.

Byes are still in full swing week, with many teams taking a breather. As a result, there are fewer games to pick. We’re down to 11 games for a total of 12 points (including the bonus game 2pter). This matches last week for fewest amount of games and points so far this season. Crazy, but true.

Picks are here, IN BOLD WITH AN ASTERISK (just for clarity since the editorial system attaches links and whatnot to some team names) for each game:

  • VIRGINIA* at Georgia Tech
  • Syracuse at CLEMSON*
  • Duke at MIAMI*
  • Boston College at WAKE FOREST*
  • Pittsburgh at LOUISVILLE*
  • OLE MISS* at LSU
  • Tennessee-Martin at TENNESSEE*
  • Vanderbilt at MIZZOU*
  • Mississippi State at ALABAMA*
  • TEXAS A&M* at South Carolina
  • 2pt bonus game: UCLA at OREGON*

That’s it. No big swing at a massive upset pick this week. Just going straight down the line picking winners.

Hop in the comments and give your STRAIGHT UP WINNER picks for the week.

Talk soon.

Go Canes