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Josh Gattis: Why Miami’s Offense Has Fallen Off

Miami’s ineffectiveness on offense is driving the team into the ground. In my eyes, Offensive Coordinator Josh Gattis is the culprit.

Jake Garcia had a couple of solid drives against Duke before Gattis’ ineffectiveness affected him.
Gary Ferman / On3

As a Miami Hurricane fan, I feel like every year, the low point gets lower. The 24-point loss to Duke is the newest low since the loss to FIU. While this was a terrible game, when one looks a little closer, they will see why this is happening. Head Coach Mario Cristobal’s Offensive Coordinator Josh Gattis is running the once explosive offense into the ground.

Against Duke, Miami had 14 offensive drives. On those 14 drives, the Hurricanes scored just three touchdowns and turned the ball over a whopping EIGHT times. Coming off a season where the ‘Canes averaged 30.9 points per game, the team is now averaging 22.5 points per game in 2022, and I’m not counting the 70 point beatdown of Bethune Cookman.

With two high profile quarterbacks in Tyler Van Dyke and Jake Garcia, as well as a number of playmakers ready to get the ball in their hands, the offense falling flat is easily the biggest disappointment of 2022, and it’s costing the ‘Canes. So, why is this happening?

The Most Predictable Offense Ever

Gattis runs ones of the most predictable offenses I have ever seen, and Miami’s drives are being crushed as soon as the first play happens. On first down, Gattis continues to predictably run our 190-pound running backs into the teeth of the defense out of the shotgun. In fact, Gattis called an inside run on the opening play of the drive six times. These runs resulted in gains of 1-yard, 2-yards, 4-yard, 1-yard, 2-yards and 0-yards, leaving the ‘Canes with an average of 2nd down and 9. What does this result in? OBVIOUS PASSING SITUATIONS. What does a defense do in an obvious passing situation? BLITZ. What does the blitz result in? SIX SACKS (-57 yards) & FOUR STRIP SACKS. A team cannot win a game with seven turnovers from the offense. It’s just not possible. You have to adjust as the game is happening.

Know Your Personnel, Please!

Gattis, you need to KNOW YOUR PERSONNEL. We’re down multiple starting linemen and we have the No. 87 ranked offensive line in the country according to PFF. STOP RUNNING INTO THE INTERIOR! It’s not effective in any way, especially with 190-pounders.

Additionally, we have one power back in Thad Franklin (6’0, 240), yet he isn’t in the game in short yardage situations. Instead, let’s run a dive with our skinny running backs, ones that Franklin has 50 pounds on. To make matters worse, if you didn’t know, Miami is currently 113th out of 128 FBS teams with 3.1 yards per carry. Somehow, Miami rushed for 3.3 yards per carry in 2021, so that’s more regression from someone who was praised for his run scheme.

Why Gattis continues to run this offense just proves stubbornness and the refusal to adapt to the players he has. If he knew anything about this team, he’d know that the ‘Canes thrived on getting the ball out quick and getting the ball to skill players in space. Well, that’s probably been the thing the ‘Canes have done the least this year, and Gattis is the one to blame. Hey, Gattis; THIS ISN’T MICHIGAN. YOU HAVE TO ADJUST!

Stop Going Away From What Works!

It’s like every game, we find something that works and then go away from it. This passing offense has two bright spots: Colbie Young and Will Mallory. The duo had back-to-back drives in the third quarter where they scored long touchdowns, respectively. Following that, Young and Mallory didn’t touch the ball FOR THE REST OF THE GAME. They CANNOT combine for 8 catches if we expect to win. Honestly, I feel like I’m watching someone play Madden and select “Random Play“ every down.

Course of Action

Look, I might be bold in saying this, but if this team wants to build going forward, Gattis needs to go tonight. Either that or Gattis needs to admit his scheme isn’t going to work here and take a page out of Lashlee’s book. Our offensive line is lackluster and our skill positions are fast and need the ball. GET THEM THE BALL IN SPACE PLEASE! It’s not rocket science. As Canes fans, we’ve hit some low points in the last few years with the offense, but I can’t believe that I feel like I miss Dan Enos. Let’s hope something changes over the next few weeks.