Offensive Woes and The Downfall of the U

Well, let me first state the obvious here: Josh Gattis has got to go. This is not the right fit or him, point blank. Tyler Van Dyke's stats, development, and confidence level have all taken a step back from last year. He looks uncomfortable in the pocket going theough his reads and progressions. The play calling is serviceable at times but is typically untimely and overall poor.

Sure, as a unit Miami has had an abundance of injuries particularly at RB and C but that is no excuse. At the same time, the next player up mentality must be applied and is one of the offensive coordinator duties. The direction of this offensive staff is at a loss. The lack of ability of the Canes to make active in-game adjustments is everso apparent. Drops by WRs is also a recurring issue that needs attention and improvement.

Just past the mid-point of the season and this whole year has been an disaster on the offensive side. Defesively has been mehh... Every loss has been as a result of a different plaguing overall failure. The A&M game was lost as a result of a lack of production at WR (too many drops, no YAC, no presence of mind to play Colbie Young yet) and being inept at redzone conversion (0 TDs, 3 FGs) with questionable play calling for 60 minutes. The MTSU game was a disaster from the onset. TVD threw a redzone INT in his first dropback pass. Not to mention another rdzone INT on the second drive. As a unit, UM gave up for passes of over 60 yards, three of which resulted in touchdowns. Against UNC we could not make any key stops, they ran all over us (as has seen to have been the case for the past four years against the 'Heels). Quite frankly Mario was out coached by Mack Brown. Then needless to say the fumbles and carelessness with toting the rock resulted in a defeated at the hands of Duke.

At the end of the day, this is STILL Miami Hurricane football. Year one under Cristobal or not, It is INEXCUSABLE to lose to Duke by 21. After all, Mike Elko is also in his first year at the healm of the Blue Devils. Miami defeated Duke in Durham by 37 on the final game of last season. That is a 58 point swing in the WRONG DIRECTION!!

What can be done to improve things offensively over the course of these last five regular season games to at least make save face and make a bowl game?

Questions, comments, crises or concerns anyone?

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