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Film Review: Miami 35 - Georgia Tech 14

Miami went to Atlanta and came back victorious. The ‘Canes dominated the Jackets in the 2nd half, mostly on Kam Kinchens incredible play.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 12 Miami at Georgia Tech Photo by David J. Griffin/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Miami Hurricanes cruised to a 35-14 win over the Georgia Yellow Jackets on Saturday afternoon. The ‘Canes took a 14-7 lead into the half and never looked back at Bobby Dodd Stadium. Miami is now 5-5 and potentially bowl eligible, GT is 4-6 a barring a miracle will miss out on a bowl game again.

The Canyonero keys to victory over the Jackets were:

1- Keep pressure on the QB- There wasn’t enough pressure, especially considering how bad the GT offensive line is. Miami had two sacks and two hurries. However, Zach Pyron was knocked out of the game by a more aggressive Miami defense than we saw a week ago.

2- On offense, run the damn ball- GT has one of the worst run defenses in the ACC. It was good to see Josh Gattis be able to dial up the run game. 43 true carries (one sack allowed) plus Jaylan Knighton and Jacurri Brown going off for big games.

3- Be less bad at kicking than GT- Both teams showed solid kicking game performances. All seven combined PAT’s were made, GT might’ve had one iffy punt but the rest for both seemed fine.

The Doppler

The biggest change for Miami was 3rd down conversions on offense and defense. Miami finished 7-of-12 on offense and didn’t have to attempt a 4th down conversion. GT finished 4-of-12 on 3rd down and 1-of-2 on 4th down.

Miami was still way too damn penalized to beat an average to good team. Nine penalties for 79 yards for the Hurricanes against four penalties for 30 yards for the Jackets.

Miami did not turn the ball over... amazing! Tech turned it over four times, all four on interceptions. Gattis can sleep well tonight- Miami dominated time of possession by 11 minutes.

Miami O

I was thoroughly impressed with Jacurri Brown’s performance. Brown finished 14-of-19 for 136 yards and three TD’s with NO TURNOVERS. Brown averaged 7.2 yards per passing attempt, nearly double his season average. Brown also rushed for 87 yards and was only sacked one time.

Jaylan Knighton took over the feature back role with Henry Parrish Jr. out again. Knighton rushed for 118 yards on 7.4 yards per carry with a TD of his own. He looked smooth against the Jackets and didn’t fumble.

Miami’s pass game has been desperate for explosives and had two. Frank Ladson and Will Mallory both had an explosive reception. Ladson caught two balls for 42 yards while Mallory caught the 22 yard touchdown on the wheel route.

The ‘Canes O-Line dominated the GT defense. They allowed only one sack, three TFL’s and zero hurries all game. GT had been a team that could get a pass rush, but not against Miami’s back up O-Line.

Above- Streaming the game off of Ugandan TV forces you to stay off Twitter. I saw Cam’s SOTU account tweet before this throw. It’s a ball Brown couldn’t drop in for only 17 yards without Mallory having to turn back.

Had the GT defender not completely quit it could’ve been a PBU. I thought it was going to be a lil more in-stride but take what you can get!

Above- Fin routes are nice and easy in routes. The CB was head up and Ladson just eased himself inside. No inside help short thanks to the empty set / motion. Nice easy one read pitch and catch. If the CB had inside leverage I wonder what Brown would’ve done... go to the other side pre-snap or just ran?

Above- QB designed run with a guard wrap as a lead blocker. The front side down blocked and the guard picks up the outside defender. It’s good to finally see Miami use the QB run game instead of just suffering against someone else’s.

Above- Double read on this post-snap RPO. Brown will read the D-End. If he “squeezes” (comes inside on the run) Brown pulls for the FB slip into the flat. If the DE “Sits” Brown gives to the RB.

Above- The DE squeezes, the outside LB is now caught in a 2-way issue. He either has to play the QB or the “FB.” Either way he should lose.

Above- Now that he’s played Brown, it’s a high-low read and Mallory is clearly covered. Skinner isn’t covered and it’s an easy dump off for a TD.

Above- Athletic QB with a tall, long, athletic TE and it’s a money play. Some basketball players make for great football players and Skinner has that written all over him.

Above- Malik Rosier was the last Miami QB that was mobile, and he wasn’t this mobile. Brown adds that modern dimension- a QB that can extend time because he can create space, but also can bail out a play call or O-Line issue.

Above- Mesh against man is a beautiful thing. Colbie Young comes free and catches the TD from Brown. Protection held up and Brown didn’t panic at the long arms going up.

Miami D

Kam Kinchens had that game we all knew no.24 could have. Eight tackles, 12 a TFL, one PBU, and 99 yard defensive score and three interceptions.

Above- I felt like Kinchens would hawk on Pyron on similar throws. If you’ve followed the SOTU account in the off-season, Kinchens was the guy I had the most faith in from watching All-22 film of Miami.

The entire defense came away with two sacks, nine TFL’s, four PBU’s, and two hurries against Georgia Tech. When you play bad teams, you have to dominate them. Miami’s defense smothered GT’s pass offense- allowing only 5.4 yards per pass attempt.

There are still areas to clean up- Miami did allow explosive receptions to happen a few times. Nate McCollum had 101 receiving yards and a score, plus a 42 yard reception. Malik Rutherford and Peje’ Harris also hit explosives.

The Jackets rushed for 4.8 yards per carry as a team, mainly on missed tackles. But GT only managed two TD’s and only one when the game was within reach.

Above- Kinchens is a guy you just have to let play football. When he’s on, he’s way on. When he’s off, he’s way off. But those are the types of players that just have to keep shooting, eventually they get out of their slump.

Above- Nyjalik Kelly, no.32, out in space looking like a baby deer caught in the median on Franjo Road. It’s not even a real inside-out move or anything. Pyron in the young DE’s head.

Above- The modern era is mobile enough QB’s that can pick up tough yards. GT motions into empty, just like Miami, and runs a guard wrap. Miami is in man and when the RB motions the field ILB is taken away.

The ILB that stays in the box (looks like Keontra Smith) bows over, but then recognizes run and over runs the play. Te’Cory Couch, a pound for pound toughest dude on the field, makes the stop.

Above- One of my favorite pass concepts because of how hard it is to defend. Two outside WR’s run zig-outs to keep their CB’s from floating back and the inside (#3) threat runs a corner route. Beautiful throw and catch there. If Pyron gets a better OC in than Chip Long I think he can really improve.

Above- I feel like for some reason GT and Pitt both try to go trick offensive play against Miami, and it never works. GT goes full Tecmo Super Bowl Minnesota Vikings playbook and it’s under thrown for a pick.

Above- From under thrown to over thrown. Kinchens was ball hawking. He took full possession over the air space and made the acrobatic play.

Above- Kinchens with ANOTHER pick, this one for six. Letting him float more as the 1-high guy allowed him to take advantage of Pyron throwing into double coverage all game.

The Wrap

Unlike the UVA game, this was the win against a bad team that made you think Miami is an okay team. Brown is clearly a better in-game player than Jake Garcia. Gattis and Cristobal gave Brown the old Jordan Travis playbook and kept it simple with if/then reads, quick game throws, RPO’s and pass run options. Nothing too complex for a young QB getting his first start.

I know this reads like excitement, because it is. It was fun to watch a... fun game. I also realizes this is a bottom-30 GT team compared to a top-20 Clemson team on the 19th.

The Clemson defense is going to be overwhelming for Brown. They are exotic, they won’t line up the same way twice on a drive. They’ll bring pressure and simulated pressure and rotate and roll through coverages Brown has never even seen.

Enjoy today as the next one might not be as fun, but at least the fans got this game and potentially a win over Pitt to celebrate.