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ACC Rooting Guide Week 13

During the final week of the regular season in college football, the ACC has eight games. In the seven games not including Miami, who should Hurricane fans root for?

NCAA Football: Florida State at Florida Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The final week of the regular season in college football has some huge games for the top teams. It is also important for teams across the country that currently have five wins.

The Miami Hurricanes currently sit at 5-6 with a game against Pittsburgh remaining for a chance to become bowl-eligible. But the rest of the games across the Atlantic Coast Conference are interesting as well with some big rivalries taking place.

In those games, who should Miami fans be rooting for in each matchup?

Friday, November 25

NC State @ North Carolina; 3:30 p.m.

With both North Carolina and NC State already bowl-eligible, these teams are playing for an extra win to bolster their resumes. The Tar Heels will be playing in the ACC Championship game either way though.

It takes a lot to not root against North Carolina. After losing last week, they ruined their chances of getting into the College Football Playoff, but I still want them to lose this game.

Florida @ Florida State; 7:30p.m.

How does one pick which rival they want to lose more? The Florida Gators are on the road to take on the Florida State Seminoles. Both of these teams are bowl-eligible, but it’s the Seminoles who are looking at a possible 10-win season if they beat Florida and win a bowl game.

Either team will gain some momentum with a win in this game, but Florida State definitely could build a lot more with a few wins to end the season. the Gators getting their seventh win isn’t as big, so that's the way I would root.

Saturday, November 26

Georgia Tech @ Georgia; Noon

A non-conference matchup between state rivals will be a great way to begin the final Saturday of college football. The Georgia Bulldogs outmatch Georgia Tech in every way, but rooting for an underdog makes it that much more fun if the Yellow Jackets can keep it close.

We should all root for Georgia Tech.

South Carolina @ Clemson; Noon

Everything I just said about Georgia Tech and Georgia fits here. State rivals, overmatched teams, and rooting for the underdog.

Louisville @ Kentucky; 3 p.m.

Another in-state rivalry between Louisville and Kentucky. The Cardinals have quietly put together a very solid season with seven wins. If they can beat their rivals, they could get to eight wins, which would feel huge after beginning the season 2-3.

Having a few teams from the ACC finish the season ranked would be nice, especially if those are some of the teams like Louisville. So I am ok with rooting for them to win this game over an SEC team.

Wake Forest @ Duke; 3:30 p.m.

Even though they seemed like one of the worst teams in the ACC entering the season, Duke is currently 7-4. They finish their regular season against one of the preseason favorites, but also have the same record.

I refuse to root for the Blue Devils in any sport unless it benefits the Hurricanes in some way. So the Demon Deacons are a rooting favorite once again.

Syracuse @ Boston College; 7:30 p.m.

In a game between the two most-northern states in the ACC, Syracuse has won six games while Boston College has only won three. The Orange began their season winning their first six games, but have won five consecutive games since then.

This game doesn’t mean much since Syracuse is already bowl-eligible and the Eagles can’t reach a point where they would be considered. So I will be rooting for something weird. The extremely unlikely win six, then lose six. For the Orange to win six straight games and then lose six games would be so weird and unlikely, I just want that to happen.