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GAME THREAD: Pittsburgh Panthers at Miami Hurricanes

It’s Senior Day. And bowl eligibility is on the line. Lots to discuss tonight as the Canes take the field for the final time this regular season.

Duke v Miami Photo by Megan Briggs/Getty Images

Welcome to another Miami Hurricanes game day, everyone!

Following a loss on the road to the Clemson Tigers, your Miami Hurricanes return home for Senior Day, which also happens to be Military Appreciation day, which also has bowl eligibility on the line as the Canes as they face the Pittsburgh Panthers this evening.

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2022 = 2007? The math works out, according to Rob Weaver

Miami is an underdog for 5th time this season. That’s 4 weeks in a row as an underdog. Vegas finally understands who this team is. Can the Canes cover? They’ve only done so twice this season. And if they do end up covering, can the Canes win?

I mean, we know the stakes: lose and your season ends tonight. Win and you’re bowl eligible. Either way, there have been 6 players already make their intent to transfer be known, and I think we’re gonna see a massive deluge of those after this game...more if we lose.

Either way, we’re gonna be here the whole way. So join in the fun and chat it up with your internet friends for maybe the final time this season.

Alright Maimi, let’s see what you got!

Go Canes