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Monday Musings: It’s Mercifully Over; Revisiting the Commanders’ Underwhelming Tribute to Sean Taylor

Atlanta Falcons v Washington Commanders Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images

IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT’S Monday! Meaning it’s time to hop into that orange-and-green convertible and slide-slide-slippity-slide into a fantastic voyage through my Cane-infused brain like it’s the summer of 1994.

1) It’s over. I mean, I cared about this game about as much as the players seemed to: ZERO. I don’t have much to say about it. Pitt ran at will. Jared Wayne caught touchdowns at will. We had three QBs play in the first three series and two threw interceptions. More clown shoes to add to the clown closet.

2) The real question to be asked is: when was the last time the Canes had a season this bad? This is worth a deep-dive article all by itself. I’m going off my quick recollection sans Google. The 2007 team also had a losing record, going 5-7, but that team beat FSU in Doak, so that largely salvages some decency for the season (will still never forgive them for 48-0 to close out the Orange Bowl though). I’d have to say 1977 - Lou Saban’s next to last year - was the worst, when the Canes won 3 games. This feels on par with that level of sorry-assedness.

3) It’s portal time, and I hope that A LOT of players ship out. I saw a lot of effort issues throughout the year. I don’t care what anyone says. I saw it with my own two eyes. It happened. I want every single one of those players gone. THE ABSOLUTE EASIEST THING TO DO ON EARTH IS JUST TRY. To give your full effort, and just play to the best of your ability. I don’t think that happened, so get some guys in here that will do it.

4) It’s hard to say as far as coaching (and whether some need to hit the bricks) because the coaches haven’t had a chance to get their guys in - and the aforementioned ones they had clearly weren’t buying in - so I’m reserving judgment somewhat., I have a hard time seeing this offense working. I hope I’m wrong, and if Mario Cristobal wants to give Josh Gattis another year, I’m fine with it. I just think it was a case this year of a square peg in a round hole, especially with Miami’s injury problems at RB and a total lack of capable WRs outside of Colbie Young and at times Xavier Restrepo. The offensive scheme with what Miami has personnel-wise just didn’t fit, and that’s unfortunate.

5) The Washington Commanders were supposed to honor the late great Sean Taylor on Sunday. They did, or at least they tried to, I guess. This is what they had to offer...

I mean...a wire skeleton over Taylor’s uniform and helmet? Faceless? No statue? Nothing more personal than a jersey with his name on it?

I’ve been waiting for Washington to do something to commemorate Taylor with something special...and man, did this fall insanely short of my expectations. I expected a statute, or something personal and intimate that reflected the man beneath the jersey. Instead, well, just the jersey, which, by the way, they’re hocking on Washington’s website? Coincidence? Makes you wonder.

A noteworthy former Washington player agreed with my position...

That all being said, I know Jackie Taylor was emotional and said she liked the soccer cleats. If she indeed liked it, then I’m glad. It obviously matters the most how Sean’s family feels. But to me, the effort fell insanely short of the mark.