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Miami Hurricanes at Clemson Tigers game placed on 6 day hold

This is entirely due to Clemson’s potential path to the College Football Playoff, not Miami being good

NCAA Football: Miami at Clemson Ken Ruinard-USA TODAY Sports

On Monday afternoon, the ACC announced kick times and TV coverage for games played November 12th.

And for your Hurricanes, coming off a trip to Atlanta to face off with the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, Miami will stay on the road as they head to Clemson. But when will that game be played? We’ll find out Sunday.

As noted in the subheader for this piece, this is entirely based upon Clemson’s potential path toward the College Football Playoff. As the highest ranking team in the ACC, the conference will want to highlight Clemson with the best gametime and TV coverage possible. As I’ve said before, know and understand that CFB games on television are TELEVISION SHOWS first and foremost. How do you think conferences get that media money? By having high caliber shows get high ratings. That’s it.

Whereas in the past Miami was the foundation for for games being held to be placed in the most premium spots and channels possible, this one is entirely and exclusively about Clemson. Which is the way it’s been in the ACC for a good long time. And, with the way Miami is playing at this moment, the Canes won’t have a hand in changing that anytime soon.

See you on Sunday to find out when Miami at Clemson will be played, and on what channel.

Go Canes