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Who had the better NFL career: Reggie Wayne or Andre Johnson?

Both former UM greats had Hall of Fame pro careers, but whose was better?

NFL: OCT 09 Colts at Texans Photo by Robert Chambliss/Icon Sportswire/Corbis/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Neither Reggie Wayne nor Andre Johnson were inducted in this year’s Pro Football Hall of Fame class. Lame. Both should be chosen within the next few years. Despite their significant difference in both size and style of play, their NFL statistics are remarkably similar.

Career statistics:

Reggie Wayne - 211 games. 1,070 receptions. 14,345 yards. 82 TDs. 68 YPG.

Andre Johnson - 193 games. 1,062 receptions. 14,185 yards. 70 TDs. 73.5 YPG.

Career accolades:

Reggie Wayne - 1x 1st team All Pro, 2x 2nd team All Pro. 6 Pro Bowls. SB XLI Champ.

Andre Johnson - 2x 1st team All Pro, 2x 2nd team All Pro. 7 Pro Bowls.

How these two accumulated their gaudy numbers were very different. Reggie had the luxury of getting drafted by the Indianapolis Colts and catching passes from Peyton Manning for the first 10 seasons of his career, then Andrew Luck for the final three. He was able to learn from Marvin Harrison and study with his college teammate Edgerrin James. Those are three of the smartest guys to ever play their respective positions.

Meanwhile, the best QB Andre ever played with was Matt Schaub. He also played with the likes of David Carr, Sage Rosenfels, Case Keenum, Ryan Mallett and Tom Savage. No offense to those guys, but yuck. Andre gritted his teeth through some rough expansion years with the Houston Texans, stayed positive and put up incredible numbers. A true professional.

Playoff statistics:

Reggie Wayne - 21 games. 93 receptions. 1,254 yards. 9 TDs. 59.7 YPG.

Andre Johnson - 4 games. 25 receptions. 358 yards. 1 TD. 89.5 YPG.

Who can forget Reggie’s 53-yard first quarter touchdown catch in Super Bowl XLI? It set the tone for the Colts after giving up the opening kickoff touchdown to future Pro Football Hall of Famer and fellow Hurricane Devin Hester. The 2007 playoffs were Reggie’s most productive of his career: 17 catches, 216 yards and 2 TDs in four games. Nine total receiving TDs in 21 playoff games further proves Reggie Wayne was a clutch performer when it mattered most.

While only playing in four playoff games, Andre balled out. The Texans had a squad in 2011, starting 7-3 before losing Matt Schaub to a season ending injury. Andre himself had been sidelined nine games that season with a hamstring injury, but he was ready to work come playoff time. Having to play with a rookie QB against two tough AFC Central teams back to back in the Cincinnati Bengals and Baltimore Ravens? No big deal. Dre put up 5 catches for 90 yards and 1 TD in a 31-10 blowout of Cincy, then 8 catches for 111 yards in a close 20-13 loss to Baltimore. Imagine the playoff career and overall statistics Andre could have attained if he played with consistent, competent QB play.


I cannot choose. Andre Johnson’s prime years were more productive and he was the best player in the history of the Houston Texans franchise. Reggie Wayne had a more consistent career with a ton of playoff success, and he scored his team’s opening touchdown in a Super Bowl victory.

Wait, Reggie never beat up a defender during a game. I pick Andre.

Who do you think had the better career. Vote in the poll and let your voice be heard.


Who had the better NFL career?

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    Reggie Wayne
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    Andre Johnson
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