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2023 Canes Recruiting Spotlight: LB Anthony Hill

Can Cristobal and Strong fend off Bama and A&M to pull a top Texas recruit to Miami?

Anthony Hill has the size and ability to contribute to a major program today. Will the Canes land him?
Collin Kennedy, 247sports

It’s no secret that the LB position was one of our biggest weaknesses last year.

Bissainthe and Chase Smith have huge potential at the position, but regardless, we have to recruit some killers.

Anthony Hill is that guy.

6’2”, 225 LBS from Ryan High School, a 5a D-I state champion last year in Texas.

He’s got the obvious size to contribute immediately, bigger than some on our roster right now.

He’s been working in 7v7s on his coverage skills too, showing his willingness to develop the attributes that elite linebackers possess.

He can also do this:

This isn’t in the job description, but it shows his size, natural athleticism, and ball skills.

Hill is ready to go today for a top tier program. If his body develops further with college-level training, questions arise about whether he could morph into a DE, but I honestly think he could remain at the LB position for his career.

As of Feb 14th, Miami made Hill’s top 6.

Unfortunately, the other programs in the mix: Alabama, Oklahoma, Texas A&M, Texas, and USC.

Miami is battling programs they’ve consistently lost recruits to over the past 15 years.

Hill’s recruitment will be a fascinating show.

Do we have a chance?

The A&Ms and Alabamas of the world have more money to throw at players than any one, and Miami’s NIL situation is a bit of an unknown beyond the Ruiz family at this point. Of course Cristobal won’t let the Canes be outpaced again in this new NIL world. In 2023, the first cycle where NIL deals will truly factor into decisions, Hill’s recruitment, and how long the Canes can stay in his favor, will be a measurement of the Canes’ ability to pull (and keep) real talent in South Florida.

Charlie Strong on the staff helps our chances immeasurably.

His experience as Texas’s HC 2014-2016, his success recruiting there, and his giant list of recruits that have made the NFL give us a great chance to land Hill.

Will we land him?

I know Cristobal wants to pull several recruits out of Texas each year. If you pay attention to only one this season, let it be Hill. If we land him, it’s a statement to the rest of college football that the Canes will recruit and compete with the best of the best.

Miami has a slim chance, but with Cristobal, a slim chance is all we need.

Anthony Hill = Really, Really Want

Go Canes