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2023 Canes Recruiting Spotlight: Brandon Inniss and Jalen Brown

Elite wide receiver prospects are abundant in the 2023 class, Brandon Inniss and Jalen Brown are among the best

Inniss is the highest touted WR in the 2023 class, and the Canes are in full pursuit.

2023 is the year of the wide receiver.

The Canes have commitments from 3-star WRs Andy Jean and Lamar Seymore in the 2023 class, but there are tons of high profile prospects to be excited about.

Prospects like Brandon Inniss, and Jalen Brown.

Inniss is the #1 WR in the 2023 class and #3 player in Florida. Brown is the #4 WR and #9 player in Florida. Both 5 stars.

Inniss is 6’0” 190 LBS, from American Heritage in Fort Lauderdale. His wide shoulders, strong legs, elite ball skills and physicality make him the #1 WR of the class. He could contribute today on a top-tier Power 5 program.

Inniss can play both inside and out, but expect to see him as a dominant slot receiver in college.

His after the catch ability is undeniable.

What makes Jalen Brown, (Gulliver Prep, Miami) a 5 star in this cycle is his take-the-top-off speed. He’s so much faster than high school athletes it’s like he’s from another planet.

He’s a natural ball catcher, a track and field athlete, and his first step speed is just different. His ability to change direction with twitch is equally elite.

At 6’1” 170 LBS, he’ll need to pack on some weight, but a winter with Coach Feld will be enough to get him ready for Power 5 play.

Do we have a chance?

With Bryan McClendon as our WR coach, no doubt we had a shot at Inniss. But with McClendon now at Georgia, and with Ohio State, Oklahoma, USC and Alabama in an all out battle to land him, it will be a much tougher recruitment. Miami is still in his top 8, and anything can happen over the season, but he could easily slip away.

Jalen Brown was recruited heavily by Gattis at Michigan, and Gattis coming to the Canes has only helped our chances. As it stands, the Canes seem to be Brown’s #1 choice, and if TVD puts on a show in a Gattis offense this year, expect to see him on our roster in 2023.

Brown = Must Get.

Inniss = Really Want.