Canes Women’s Hoops in ACC Championship at Noon!

Nobody saw this coming. The women’s hoops squad was an average team this year at best. Finishing the regular season in 7th place in the ACC, it was assumed that they would be one and done in the ACC tournament. They had a 3.3% chance according to the BPI. But nooooo!

First they took down nationally ranked #4 Louisville by a buzzer beater, 61 - 59. Then they beat Notre Dame, 57-54 in the semi-final. Any win against the leprechaun is a good win but to beat them in a semi-final is extra special.

Now the hoop squad is playing a tough NC State unit today at noon for the conference championship! Nobody saw this coming! NC State is 28-3. Canes are 20-11 and not expected to win. Canes lost to #5 NC State on 1/6/2022 76 - 64 so they’ll have to have a short memory. That game was close thru most of the 4th quarter.

Check them out today on ESPN! Get that W!

Go Canes!

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